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Introducing Advanced Search For Your Website

March 13, 2018 | By | No Comments

On your Vacation Labs website, customers can now search for tours and apply predefined filters on these searches. A lot of our clients asked for this feature, especially if their end customers look for tours based on certain criteria. With filters, end customers can have a deeper engagement with your website.

What is An Advanced Search Filter?

As an example, a customer can type ‘Delhi tours’ into the search bar and receive a list of 25 Delhi tours/packages. On the left, they will now see options/ filters to narrow this search down based on specific pre-set criteria. 


Advanced Search has the following filter options-

  • Tour departure dates: Customers can pick date ranges when they want to take the tour. All tours which are open on those dates will be displayed.
  • Price range: All tours which fall within the price range mentioned by the customer will be filtered out for display. The list is displayed as check-boxes which the customer can pick any number of.
  • Tour collection: If the customer wants a specific type of tour from your collections (pre-created collections like food tours, cycle tours, etc.) he can pick one or many categories.
  • Location: This filter option allows customers to filter their searches based on locations they want to travel to, to experience your tours.
  • Custom: You can add other custom filters too depending on your requirement. Our team will help you set this up- we’re just a call away!

How to create Advanced Search filters?

Step #1

To set up Advanced Search filters for your Vacation Labs website, you need to request our team for the feature. Contact us here.

Step #2

Once enabled, click ‘Settings’ in back-office and open ‘Trip Custom Form’.  You can create custom fields here- use ‘Define Custom Field’. Next, add field type (eg. pick option from list) and restrictions. Click ‘Done’.


(*Note- for the display options as seen in the screenshot, the drop down and dropdown/ select box do not allow customers to select more than one option. It is useful if your tours do not appear in more than one category.)

Step #3

The search fields need to be assigned to relevant tours. Open the tours in the back-office and go to ‘Basics Details’.  Select the relevant options (which appear on these pages) and ‘Save’ (See the image below).


Step #4

Finally, inform our support team once the changes are made. They will enable these for you.

Hope this feature is very useful to you!

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