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Introducing Advanced Search- A Feature Which Makes Tour Searches More Defined

March 13, 2018 | By | No Comments

On your Vacation Labs website, customers find tours either by browsing or searching. While browsing is time-consuming,  searching is very desirable for customers, especially those who are looking for specific tours. We have made an incredible improvement in the search functionality- filters can now be added to the search experience!

What is a search filter?

A search filter is a feature that helps refine searches done on a website. Let’s consider an example, a customer types ‘Delhi tours’ into your website search bar then receives a list of 13 Delhi tours. On the left-hand side of the website, they will see options/ filters to narrow their search, with regards to price, short tours or multi-day tours, etc.

To facilitate this, Vacation Labs brings you Advanced Search–  the super search filter feature, available on request.


How does Advanced Search work?

Advanced Search creates any type of filter you need. These may match the search words travellers are interested in. Primarily, you have 4 standard filter options-

  • Tour departure dates
  • Price range
  • Tour collection
  • Location

You can add custom filters as well after providing relevant details.

How to create Advanced Search filters?

Step #1

To set up Advanced Search filters for your Vacation Labs website, you need to request our team for the feature. Contact us here to get started!

Step #2

Once enabled for your account, head to the back office section and click the ‘Settings’ option and open the ‘Trip Custom Form’.  Here you will need to create custom fields. Select the ‘Define Custom Field’ option. Next, add field type (eg. pick option from list), add field type and restrictions. Once complete click on ‘Done’.


(*Note- for the display options as seen in the screenshot, the drop down and dropdown/ select box do not allow customers to select more than one option. It is useful if your tours do not appear in more than one category.)

Step #3

Now, the fields created need to be assigned to the relevant tours. To do this, open the tours your filters are applicable to, in the backend. In the ‘Basics Details’ section, of each tour created, at the end, you will see your search filters appear. (See the image below). Select the relevant option from there and ‘Save’.


Step #4

Finally, inform our support team once the changes are made to have filters for your website search.

And, that’s how it’s done. Setting up Advanced Search is a real simple process that can push your bookings higher!

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