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Backoffice & Booking Calendar

Complete control over backoffice bookings.

Keep all your bookings, from all channels – email, phone, walk-ins, or via agents – in one place. Create backoffice bookings with just 3 clicks. Tweak the rates, add special discounts, or special charges. Even change email content for each booking individually if you want to. Get complete control over your backoffice & operations.

Request online payments even for backoffice bookings.

Get paid before the trip even for bookings over the phone or email. Request for a payment instead of immediately confirming the booking when recording it on the backoffice. We’ll send out a payment link to the customer and as soon as the payment is made the booking will be confirmed.

Multiple user accounts with fine-grained access control.

Control who gets to do what in your team. Create multiple user accounts and manage permissions for each account separately. View activity logs for each user. Share control, but stay in control.

Customize the storefront with your
logo, colors, and styles.