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Global Payments

Making the whole transaction global, easier & user-friendly.

Accept payments in more than 30 currencies. More customers from all over the globe can now avail your services via your website with just one-step integration process. One of the biggest advantages of Payment Gateways is that customers can make payments in any currency and confirm bookings on the spot.

Safe, Secure & Better.

A one step integration process. Payment gateways utilize industry-standard encryption and effectively protect sensitive data, protecting both merchants and consumers from fraud. Payment Gateways have error-free computations and give customers hassle free experience in completing the online booking process.

Accept payments in more than 30 currencies.


Bulgarian Lev(BGN)
Australian Dollar(AUD)
Brazillian Real(BRL)
Canadian Dollar(CAD)
Swiss Franc(CHF)
Chinese Renminbi Yuan(CNY)

Czech Koruna(CZK)
Danish Krone(DKK)
British Pound(GBP)
Hong Kong Dollar(HKD)
Croatian Kuna(HRK)

Hungarian Forint(HUF)
Indonesian Rupiah(IDR)
Israel New Sheqel(ILS)
Indian Rupee(INR)
Japanese Yen(JPY)
South Korean Won(KRW)

Mexican Peso(MXN)
Malaysian Ringgit(MYR)
Norwegian Krone(NOK)
New Zealand Dollar(NZD)
Philippine Peso(PHP)
Polish Zloty(PLN)

Romanian Leu(RON)
Russian Ruble(RUB)
Swedish Krona(SEK)
Singapore Dollar(SGD)
Thai Baht(THB)
Turkish Lira(TRY)

United States Dollar(USD)
South African Rand(ZAR)