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Tour Admin & CMS

Have your bookings, just the way you want them.

An online booking system that let’s you showcase your trips or activities configured beautifully and fit to your business.

Handle bookings with ease.

Auto-confirm bookings or put them on-request. Enforce a minimum number of passengers or proceed with a warning. Control what the system does when you’re under or over-booked. Set cut-off times, deposit amounts and more.

Complete control over scheduling your tours.

Schedule your tours just the way you want them. One-off or on a weekly schedule. Multiple time-slots a day or all-day events. Different rates for high season and low season. Any combination of dates & rates is possible.

Get your prices & rates right.

List multiple pricing categories ­like Adult, Child, Student, Couples or have a slab based pricing for group bookings and add separate rates for each category. Create multiple variants of your tour and price them accordingly.

Manage all your bookings in one place. View everything at a glance.