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Technologies we ❤

Angular JSRedisRuby on RailsPostgreSQL Bootstrapandroid_robot_100Githaskell 

Most of our code is in Ruby on Rails, which exposes RESTful JSON APIs that the AngularJS frontend consumes. Data is stored in trusty ol’ PostgreSQL with lots of foreign-key constraints, check constraints, and what have you – we never, ever want to deal with bad data in the DB again! Redis is a caching layer for frequently used JSON APIs and might also be used as a message queue in the future (we need to decouple our, now, monolithic app). LessCSS & Bootsrap make CSS a breeze. What else? Haskell is on the way!

Who are we looking for?

Anyone with 1-4 years experience as a full-stack developer in any technology and any framework.

Bonus points for having worked on our current tech stack. If you haven’t, we’re more than happy to give you time to pick it up, which should be easy enough if you’re a fast learner.

We value developers who understand the importance of automated testing at all levels – unit tests, controller tests, and Selenium-based browser tests. We are fanatic about writing well documented and clean code, that everyone in the team can understand. Lastly, we like scaling, not only our tech stack, but also our development processes. So, “process” should not be a “four letter word” to you. And no, we’re not talking about ISO-level or CMMI-level crap. Just basic, common-sense level stuff that helps us deliver quality products on time, every time.