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Head – Supplier Acquisition

We’re going after the “Tours & Activities” market, pegged at 500Bn$ globally, give or take.
The sightseeing tour. The scuba dive. The walking tour. The trekking trip. The hop-on, hop-off tour. The museum ticket. The stuff that makes your trip memorable.
We’ve got a world-class platform in place, with paying customers. Help us on-board suppliers at scale. Be part of scaling the business at a crazy pace.

We are disrupting this market from the ground-up. Building technology for it, where none exists. Unifying a broad spectrum of travel products & businesses backed by a global technology platform and distribution system.

We’ve already begun our journey with the launch of an online booking engine & backoffice system for tour & activity operators, which we’ve managed to grow 15x over the last 15 months. We’ve got a world-class platform in place, which is already being used by paying customers. Now, we’re looking to get more operators/suppliers on our platform.

To scale the business at a crazy pace.

As we scale our business, we’re looking for someone who can drive the business. We’re looking for a believer. Someone who shares our vision. Someone who can close sales, hustle for deals, and build relationships that last.

What would a typical week in this role look like:

Well, firstly we don’t think there will be a typical week in this role. Every day is going to be fairly unique and challenging, but with that caveat out of the way:

  • Research and understand various travel destinations. Understand the dynamics and market-opportunity for in-destination tours for each city/region.
  • Talking to and meeting suppliers. Understanding their business & products. On-boarding them to the Vacation Labs platform.
  • Talking to and meeting potential candidates for your team. On-boarding, mentoring, and growing the team.
  • Talking to and meeting potential distribution partners. Cracking deals to help us distribute the inventory on our platform.
  • Manage the supplier acquisition funnel with a hawk’s eye. Intervene. Adjust. React. Do whatever it takes to keep the engine turning.

Who do we think would be a good fit for this role:

  • About 4-7 years of experience in driving a business vertical (or SBU)
  • Management degree. Preferably from a tier-A management institute.
  • Sharp analytical bent of mind.
  • Loves travel. Loves business. Loves traveling for business.
  • Comfortable with an early-stage startup environment. Preferably worked in a startup before.
  • Experience in the travel industry (contracting, supplier relations, etc.) would be a solid advantage, although not necessary.

Apply now

To apply, send an email to with:

  • the role/designation as the the subject line of the email
  • don’t forget to attached your up-to-date CV / resume
  • links to your LinkedIn profile; Github profile; Stackoverflow account; Behance portfolio; your personal blog; or whatever else you think will help us understand you better.
  • and yes, a short paragraph about why you’re excited about the role, Vacation Labs, & Goa, would be great!