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Goa Covid Household Survey

Support & trouble-shooting protocol during the survey

  1. Please report any issues along with the phone number of the surveyor. Without the phone number, troubleshooting cannot even begin.
  2. Please check if the phone number is there on the taluka-wise final sheet shared with Vacation Labs.
  3. Please ensure that the surveyor is signed into the app using his/her own login and not the pilot login, or someone else’s login.
  4. Please ensure that the surveyor has refreshed the forms on his/her app (long swipe down, just how you refresh a web page)
  5. Anyone who is getting “kiosk mode”, is something that they themselves have done. This mode is to be used only when the app is installed on a tablet and left unattended in conferences and exhibitions. Please ask them to enter the PIN that they had set to come out of the kiosk mode. If they don’t remember the PIN, reboot the phone, uninstall the app, and reinstall.
  6. Request you to please report one-off cases to ITG for L1 support. Once a larger issue has been identified, please raise to Vacation Labs for L2 support on the WhatsApp group created for this purpose. Please ensure only unusual / larger issues are raised in this group after troubleshooting based on the tips given above.

Important points to be covered during the training

  1. Please ensure that no logins are shared. Please get in touch with your reporting officer/coordinator to get unique logins for each member in your training group. Even if it takes 10-15 minutes to get the login created, please put in the extra time.
  2. At the end of the training, all surveyors should go home with the app installed on their phone, and signed in with their personal login.
  3. Please ensure that each surveyor creates multiple entries during the training session in, both, online and offline mode.
  4. Please ensure that GPS is enabled on the surveyor’s phone and that location access has been given to the application

Training Video


Training Objectives (that can be shared over WhatsApp)


Common problems

Timestamp problem

This issue is encountered because incorrect time is set up for the phone.

Please follow the below steps to resolve it:

  1. Go to your phone Settings
  2. Search for Date & Time
  3. Enable Use network-provided time & Use network-provided time zone options.

Login not working

  • Please ensure that you are typing the complete username and not just the phone number. (i.e. @covid.vacationlabs.com after your phone number is also required).
  • Please ensure there is no spelling mistake in the password
  • Please check if your name is there in the lists given below

Verification Code issue

  1. Go To accounts.zoho.in
  2. Login using your user ID & password
  3. Get the verification code from the shared google sheet, enter it & click verify
  4. Go to Settings > Close Account
  5. Click on Delete Organization (if organization’s name is anything other than GoaCovidSurvey),
  6. You will be asked to register your phone number via OTP.
  7. You will be redirected to mail.zoho.in
  8. Enter any dummy organization Name & Save
  9. You should now be able to see “Delete Organization” button on top of the page, click on it and enter your password (covid@<last-4-digits>)
  10. Close the tab and come back to accounts.zoho.in, refresh the page.
  11. Visit Settings > Close Account again and click on “Close Account”.
  12. Your account has been closed now, your user ID will have to be regenerated – Kindly get in contact with the DC to request for recreation (they can request to run the script again)

Users given access to the Survey App

  • North Goa BLOs
  • South Goa BLOs
  • North Goa Teachers
  • South Goa Teachers P1
  • South Goa Teachers P2
  • Goa IDC members