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Fun-filled activities in 3 quick steps away.

It’s literally that simple!

Workshops | Bunjee Jumping | Zip Lining | Rappelling | Rock Climbing | Dirt Biking

  • Create Tours:
    • Create numerous activities with detailed information.
    • Have your own set of Terms & conditions.
    • Give the activities, complete overview with Inclusions, Exclusions and Highlights.
    • Make each and every activity page look even more attractive with photos.
    • Set a duration of each activity.
  • Get the price right:
    • Price your activities with standard rates for Adult, Child, Infant or slab rates for Group Bookings.
    • Create Variants if you have varied rates for your activities in Weekdays and Weekends or even for different seasons.
  • Opening Date & Time:
    • Activity timings may vary depending on the weather conditions. Now you can create multiple time slots in a single day and even have different pricing for each time slot.
    • Bunjee Jumping, Rappelling or Rock Climbing each and every activity can be opened for multiple dates and desired time slots.
    • Change the capacity for any flight for any specific time slot.
  • Booking Forms:
    • Create custom booking fields to get as much information you need about your customers.
    • Request them for specific information like Weight, Height or any Health conditions and be proactive.
  • Cross Sells & Addons:
    • Provide pick up and drop service to and from the takeoff locations, Photographs during the activity, snacks & drinks etc, with Addons and rate them separately which will be shown as an option on the storefront. Once the customer chooses an extra service it will be added to the total amount of the booking.