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Snow Adventures

Memorable Snow Adventures in 3 quick steps.

It’s that simple!

Skiing | Snowboarding | Ice Skating | Snowmobiling

  • Create fun filled tours:
    • Create snow trips or adventures and activities.
    • Let your trips and activities have all the details with Inclusions, Exclusions, Highlights and Pictures.
    • Have your tours categorised on the basis of names and trip codes.
    • Upload multiple pictures of the trip.
  • Get the pricing right:
    • Price your tours or excursions with different rates for Adult, Child, Couple or have a Custom Pax Type.
    • Create Variants with different pricing for occasions or sessions of your tour or activity.
    • Take both Individual bookings and Group bookings with slab pricing for the same tour.
  • Opening Dates & Time:
    • Have multiple departure slots for each short trip or activity or just morning and evening slots for long excursions.
    • Create the departure dates and timings as per the season along with varied pricing for each pax type.
  • Booking Forms:
    • Create organised booking forms.
    • Add custom fields to them as per your business requirements. For example: You may be providing pictures during the trip, or drinks and snacks. Now you can mention them in the booking form itself and charge them differently.
  • Cross Sells & Addons:
    • If you provide on board breakfast, snacks or drinks as an extra option, you can create Addons for them, and rate them separately which will be shown as an option on the storefront. Once the customer chooses an extra service it will be added to the total amount of the booking.