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Development Lead – WordPress

We’re on a mission to get all travel businesses online. And we want to make it super-easy for them. Which makes it super-hard for us.

It is hard to build a CMS that allows travel companies, with unstructured content, to get a super-slick website up & running within a few minutes.

As we scale our business, we’re looking for a web developer that specializes in the most popular content management system on the planet – WordPress.

  • We’re looking for someone who’s got exceptional skills with WordPress. Someone who’s comfortable building a theme from scratch or building child themes that can be managed well. Someone who knows the WordPress API in & out and has built a few substantial WordPress plugins.
  • We’re looking for someone who has dealt with medium/large scale WordPress installations before. Someone who has lived the pain of migrating between WP versions with the theme and plugins breaking. Someone who has dealt with WP websites being slow and knows how to tackle such issues.
  • We’re looking for someone who understands not only WordPress, but is also well-versed with PHP as a core language. Someone who’s worked with external JSON APIs to fetch data and can build a small custom CMS from scratch, if need be.

So, if you know WordPress like the back of your hand; if you can also think outside of the WordPress universe (core PHP); if you’re passionate about the work you do; if you love the art, craft, and science of software programming; and most of all, if you’re excited about doing this out of a beautiful villa in Goa; connect with us. We’re waiting to hear from you.

Apply now

To apply, send an email to careers@vacationlabs.com with:

  • the role/designation as the the subject line of the email
  • don’t forget to attached your up-to-date CV / resume
  • links to your LinkedIn profile; Github profile; Stackoverflow account; Behance portfolio; your personal blog; or whatever else you think will help us understand you better.
  • and yes, a short paragraph about why you’re excited about the role, Vacation Labs, & Goa, would be great!