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Product Manager

We’re on a mission to get all travel businesses online. And we want to make it super-easy for them. Which makes it super hard for us.
It is hard to take a complex offline process and convert it into a few effortless clicks on the browser. Or a few taps on the mobile.

As we scale our business and roll out more products, we need a Product Manager who shares our passion for simplicity. We’re looking for someone:

  • Who can understand the business domain; understand an existing offline process; and map it on to the simplest possible product flow/feature
  • Who has a penchant for making complex technology extremely simple for end-users
  • Who can work with a UI designer to come up with mockups & early protototypes to help everyone in the team visualize product features
  • Who can work with the development team to identify edge cases and important technical flows for implementing a product feature
  • Who can work with the customer support team to ensure that they keep the product support documentation up-to-date
  • Who can work with the marketing team to come up with a go-to-market strategy for new products and important feature upgrades

So, if building a world-class product excites you; if you’re someone who takes complete ownership of your work; if you can get the job done while cutting across functions like engineering, design, & business analysis; and if you’d like to do this out of Goa; connect with us. We’re excited to hear from you.


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