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Software Apprentice

About the apprenticeship: This is a 3-4 month, full-time, rigorous programme where you will get a stipend to cover your basic living expenses during the period of the apprenticeship.

During the first 5 weeks, you will be expected to solve about 200+ programming problems from one of the best books (that we’ve come across) about fundamentals of computer programming.  You will be expected to solve these problems on your own, with some guidance from your mentor, but no spoon feeding. And definitely no help from Google.

After you’re done with the fundamental programming concepts, you will start with either Ruby on Rails OR AngularJS. The API docs & various online tutorials will be your friends. Guidance will be provided by your mentor, but, again, no spoon feeding.

In the fourth month, you will be expected to deliver a project / module independently (or the third month, if you learn really quickly).

Based on your performance during the apprenticeship, you may be offered a permanent job as a Software Developer at a competitive salary.

Warning: The software apprenticeship is not for the faint hearted. If you don’t like programming you won’t last in this program (pun intended). Expect to put in long hours and push yourself up an extremely steep learning curve. The payoff will be your newly acquired ability to break down problems into smaller units, to assemble them into well-structured programs – a skill that will last you throughout your software development career, irrespective of the latest hotness in technology.

About you:

  • Freshly out of college or less then 1 year of relevant web-development experience.
  • Passionate about software development.
  • Attitude to get things done.
  • Willingness to learn the hard way of doing things right.

Apply now

To apply, send an email to careers@vacationlabs.com with:

  • the role/designation as the the subject line of the email
  • don’t forget to attached your up-to-date CV / resume
  • links to your LinkedIn profile; Github profile; Stackoverflow account; Behance portfolio; your personal blog; or whatever else you think will help us understand you better.
  • and yes, a short paragraph about why you’re excited about the role, Vacation Labs, & Goa, would be great!