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Visual Designer

We’re on a mission to get all travel businesses online. And we want to make it super-easy for them. Which makes it extremely hard for us.
It is hard to take a complex offline process and convert it into a few effortless clicks on the browser. Or a few taps on the mobile.

Good design and good usability are not buzz words for us. It’s our raison d’être. Our apps are second nature to our customers. And we don’t want it any other way. As we scale our business and add more products to our roadmap, we need Visual Designers who share our passion for simplicity. We’re looking for designers:

  • Who can create delightful graphics & interfaces that delight the users.
  • Who have a solid understanding of basic principles of visual design.
  • With excellent communication skills, who can communicate conceptual ideas, detailed design, and design rationale, both verbally and visually.

If the thought of creating delightful graphics & functional interfaces excites you; if having your fingerprints all over our core products gets you going; if you’d like to do this working with a super-charged team based out of Goa; connect with us. We’re eager to hear from you.

Who do we think would be a good fit for this role:

  • Someone with deep understanding of typography, visual hierarchy, color theory and design principles.
  • Someone adept with at least one high-fidelity tool, like Sketch, Photoshop, Illustrator, Figma etc.
  • Someone with knowledge of latest trends in visual design for both web and mobile.
  • Someone with excellent communication skills. You should be able to present & justify your designs eloquently.
  • Someone who has a positive attitude, open mind, and a desire to collaborate and learn.


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