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WordPress Blog Hosting Options

WordPress Hosting Options

  1. There are many specialized WordPress hosting companies in the market and if the customer is comfortable with hosting the blog on a subdomain, i.e. blog.mydomain.com then it is best for the customer to independently purchase a hosting account/plan with any such company — no intervention from Vacation Labs will be required in this scenario.
  2. Only if the customer wants to host their blog in a subdirectory, i.e. www.mydomain.com/blog is any intervention from Vacation Labs required. There are two possible solutions:
    1. Use a WordPress host that allows/support “reverse-proxied WordPress installations”. The customer may choose any hosting plan from such a company, and Vacation Labs will help configure/setup the reverse-proxy to make this work. Any WordPress-related support will be provided by the hosting company directly. One such WordPress host is Siteground which we, ourselves use (as part of solution 2b).
    2. Use the limited WordPress hosting solution provided by Vacation Labs,. In this case we will setup the WordPress blog in a shared WordPress hosting account and will setup the reverse-proxy as well. However, there are limitations in this setup, which are listed in the next section.

WordPress Hosting via Vacation Labs – Important Caveats

Vacation Labs is not a WordPress hosting company. Yet, in certain scenarios we extend a limited WordPress Hosting solution to our customers with the caveats/conditions mentioned herein.

  1. The primary purpose of this WordPress hosting is to power the blog section of a travel website/domain hosted on the Vacation Labs platform, therefore any WordPress features, plugins, components, etc. that are not essential for powering a blog will be disabled/unavailable.
  2. Customer understands that this WordPress Hosting solution will have technical and functional restrictions. Some of these limitations may include:
    1. Not having access to a WordPress user with administrator privileges
    2. Only a few, vetted WordPress plugins will be available (you may get an up-to-date list of plugins from our support team)
    3. Not having access to WordPress themes
    4. Not having access to WordPress API
    5. More restrictions may be added in the future
  3. Further, since this installation is part of a shared account, in case there is any activity/incident that is a direct/indirect cause of service disruption to other blogs, Vacation Labs reserves the right to immediately deactivate the Customer’s blog till such cause is rectified.
  4. Vacation Labs will be unable to provide WordPress specific support. While we may help on a goodwill basis, we will not be responsible for training & supporting the Customer on how to use WordPress.