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Affiliate Program

Start earning commissions by becoming an affiliate for the Vacation Labs Booking & Management System!


Vacation Labs affiliate partners get 25% commission on all subscription payments for 12 months from the date their customers first sign up to a paid plan.


Important Details

  • Commissions earned in a calendar month are paid on or before the 15th day of the following month. If the total commissions earned in a calendar month are less than $10 USD/10 €/$10 AUD, then the commissions are carried over to the following month until the minimum payout amount is reached.
  • Referrals will need to be identified before the client makes the first payment- it cannot be done post-facto.
  • Commissions are paid on subscription fees, and not on other services such as content writing, etc.

How to Refer Customers

  • You can write to us at anuj@vacationlabs.com and we’ll create a unique referral ID for you. The referral can then sign-up to the system using this unique ID.
  • If a client indicates that he/she was referred by you over an email, before the date of signing up to a paid plan, we will consider that valid proof of a referral.

Promote Responsibly

We have a zero tolerance policy for spam and for any aggressive, unsolicited form of advertising.


  • Please do not promote Vacation Labs via unsolicited email (spam).
  • Please do not post referral links/ codes to forums, message boards, Social Media feeds, blog comments, or similar group spaces that do not belong to you.

Vacation Labs reserves the right to terminate your affiliate account at any time, without prior notice, especially if the above rules are not observed. If your affiliate account is terminated, pending commissions will be forfeited.