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Vacation Labs for Marketplaces

Looking to launch an online marketplace to sell tours, activities, weekend getaways, or short packages?

We’ve got the technology to kickstart your business.

Give your suppliers a backoffice login (extranet) to create & manage their products on your marketplace. Use our API to get a unified feed of all this content and build your consumer facing website on top of it. Focus on supplier relations and marketing your new ventures. Leave the backoffice technology to us.

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Whitelabelled backoffice with YOU in control.

Vacation Labs protects your brand identity by offering a white-labelled backoffice system (extranet) to your suppliers (except for a small byline in the footer which mentions us). And while the backoffice system is feature-rich, you still get to control what your suppliers are allowed to do on the system. It’s you in control.

Your marketplace, your rules.

View all the trips that your suppliers create, but choose which trips you re-sell on your marketplace. Change tour content if it doesn’t excite you. Set the deposit amount for each supplier separately. Decide what each supplier is allowed to change, or not change, in the system. What happens on your marketplace is completely under your control.

Your business. Your payment gateway.

Pick from one of our 7 payment gateways to process your payments. Get money into your account. Get in touch with us if you need a payment gateway not already integrated with our platform.

Get unified product feeds over an API

Vacation Labs offers a suite of full-featured REST-ful APIs (JSON over HTTP). Everything that is possible through the backoffice interface is also possible via the API. Most marketplaces use our Tours API to power their marketplace website. You could do that, and more. Like automatically creating supplier logins in Vacation Labs when a supplier registers on your marketplace.

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Transactions are not over till YOU say so.

Redirect back to your website (custom URL) after a complete transaction. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to cross-sell your trips and experiences.

Complete control over your brand.

Customize all your email templates. Change the booking form branding to match your website. Get advanced control over the CSS of storefront as well as the backoffice.

Taxes and fees. Hassle free.

Add taxes and fees to your bookings. Select all products, specific products, or products matching a filter condition. Add a processing fee if you’d like to cover payment processing & handling fees on each booking.