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Bundle the Website Builder and get % off!

Website Builder

Showcase products on your own website. Up & running within 7 days.

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Bundle the Booking Engine and get % off!

Booking Engine

Booking Engine with pre-integrated payment gateways and inventory management.

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Free Travel Website

Are you a newly launched travel business? Or, has your business been affected by Covid-19? Our Free Travel Website plan is meant for you. Don’t worry about investing upfront in technology. Focus on growing your business, and pay us only when your business is healthy.

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Frequently asked questions

What is “One-time setup fee” for? What setup do you provide?

We want to ensure that every single customer uses our product effectively. Which is why we spend a lot of time and effort in getting your account off-the-ground.

If you’re on a Website Builder plan, this would mean, getting your website architecture/navigation correct, uploading the initial content (home page, about us page, terms of service page , pricacy policy page, product & inventory pages, etc), and curation of stunning photographs for your website, among a host of other things. In short, we ensure that your website goes live in a timely manner.

If you’re on a Booking Engine plan, this would mean, uploading your inventory/products, configuring dates & rates, configuring automated email & SMS notifications, configuring discounts, promotions, & taxes, integrating the booking engine with your website, among other things. Again, we ensure that you are able to accept online bookings on your website as soon as possible.

In all our pricing plans, the initial setup always includes training you, and your team members, on how to use the product effectively in your particular business environment.

What happens if I exceed my booking volume?

Awesome! We love it when a customer’s business grows leaps & bounds.

If your annual booking volume exceeds your plan’s limit, we’d be happy to discuss either a plan upgrade, or share charges for “Additional booking packs” with you.

If your monthly booking volume exceeds your plan’s limit, we will immediately recommend switching to an annual pricing plan, to avoid hitting monthly limits in high season, and having unused limits in low season.

Will you write content for my website?

At an additional cost, we can deliver professionally written content for your website and travel itineraries/products. However, the standard setup fee given above, includes only content upload, not content writing.

What is 'Assisted Content Upload'?

You give us website content in any format (text files, DOC files, WhatsApp messages for textual content and JPEG, TIFF, PNG, GIF for photos); we clean it, format it, and upload it to your website.

What is 'Product Upload'?

You give us the dates & rates for your product/inventory in any format (DOC file, Excel file, email, etc), along with a short description, at least one photograph, and we configure the booking engine for you. Apart from configuring the dates & rates, this also include setting up automated email & SMS notifications, taking care of min/max participant requirements, and a host of other configuration options.

What counts towards storage space?

(a) Textual product & website content

(b) Photographs, and

(c) Data stored in the database (booking records, payment records, customer records, audit trails, etc.)

In our experience, photographs consume, by far, the highest amount of storage space.

What happens if I exceed storage space?

Nothing much. Our support team will reach out to you and let you know about this and will discuss options with you (either upgrading your plan, purchasing more storage space, or helping you clean-up your storage space).

What counts towards monthly bandwidth?

Bandwidth is measured as the amount of data that is transferred between our servers (or Content Delivery Network, i.e. CDN) and the visitors of your website. Usually, this is directly proportional to the number of visitors your website receives.

What happens if I exceed my monthly bandwidth?

Nothing much. Our support team will reach out to you and let you know about this and will discuss options with you (either upgrading your plan OR purchasing more monthly bandwidth).

What is the difference between 'Staff account' and 'Agent account'?

A “staff account” is for a team member within your organisation. A staff account will always have “view-only” access to all data in your account (apart form other permissions that you may grant, like ability to edit tour content, or ability to record bookings). However an “agent account” is for an external travel agent and has restricted access to your inventory.

What is the multi-lingual feature about? Are you going to translate my website content for me?

We have two ways to present content in multiple languages on your website:

(a) using the Google Translate Javascript plugin, where you upload your website content in your primary language (the language used by majority of your customers), and let Google auto-translate/machine-translate the content for other languages. This feature is available on our pricing plans.

(b) uploading human-translated content for each language which you’d like to support (we have built an Excel based mass uploader to speeden-up this process). We also use IP geo-location to auto-detect the location of your website visitors and show them content in the most appropriate language. This feature is available only on our “Pro” plans. However, the pricing does not include manual content translation services (which can be discussed at an additional cost).


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