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Aerial Adventures

Take your aerial tours sky high in 3 quick steps.

It’s literally that simple!

 Hand Gliding  | Paragliding | Parasailing | Sky Diving | Para Motoring

  • Create your awesome trip:
    1. Create as many tours and trips as you want. Include every detail, whether it is inclusions, highlights, terms and conditions etc.
    2. Categorize them with Trip Codes.
    3. Assign them duration.
    4. Upload photos.
  • Get the Pricing & Rates Right:
    1. Create different rates for different categories of customers. For example: Adult or Child, With Instructor, Without Instructor etc.
    2. Differentiate rates on the basis of your service, like whether the flying is solo or with an instructor.
  • Opening Dates: 
    1. Have trips on multiple days with different timings and different pricing for any slot.
    2. You can have morning or an afternoon slot or both, for the same trip on same day.
  • Booking Forms:
    • Create custom fields  for custom booking forms and get any information you need. Like ­ Weight or Height, Health issues (if any), etc.
  • Extras: 
    1. Often such Trips come with add ons like Photography or Guest Pick-ups. Add them as Extras and rate them separately. Making it easy for customers to select and they automatically reflect in the total amount.