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Rental Booking Engine

A dynamic booking system for stress-free rental reservations directly from your website.

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Feature-rich rental booking engine to speed up direct sales through your website



Simplify bookings. Multiply profits

Our smart reservation system simplifies the booking process by eliminating unnecessary steps. The highly intuitive rental booking engine is easily integrated to your website and works to: Update. Automate and Facilitate.


Fully secure online transactions

Be rest assured of fully secure online transactions when using our rental booking engine. We use the most advanced TLS/SSL encryption to offer 100% protection for all online payments.



Choose how you get paid

Use our booking engine for access to multiple payment gateways. Give your customers their pick of PayPal, debit/credit card payment, wire transfers, Stripe, cheque or cash on delivery. Check the payment processors we support.


Your rentals. Your rates. Your schedule.
Shown just like you want it.

Customize your rates

Use the rental booking system to customize your rates. Offer flexible pricing to customers with options for per day/per night/per person and per booking rates. With our rental operator software, you can set- up a custom rate structure that’s right for your business.

Choose your schedules

Customize to offer flexible check-in and check-out schedules to guests. Use the booking form to display different options guests can choose from at the time of reservation. The availability of flexible options encourages bookings, and boosts sales.

Fix your settings

Use the booking platform as per your business requirement. The intuitive system lets you fix your settings and choose how you approve bookings. You can opt for manual confirmation or get an automated confirmation generated by the rental booking system.

Choose what goes on your booking form

Customize your booking form with as many or as few fields as you like. Our rental booking engine lets you edit the fields on your form and make reservations a breeze for your guests. Send an automated email to confirm booking once payment is received.

Create packages, cross sell, up sell

Help a customer get the most out of his booking by creating attractive package deals. Set-up your booking form to display relevant add-on services. Cross-sell and up-sell services that will boost your overall revenue.

Secure booking engine to accept online payments



Multiple Currencies

Our hotel system has built-in software to support over 160 currencies. The customizable booking system lets you fix prices in different currencies for different markets. Allow customers to make bookings in their own currencies to boost sales.

Pay at hotel & credit-card capture

Never lose money again for a no-show with credit card capture integrated in your hotel booking system. This useful feature helps you avoid the financial loss from a last-minute cancellation while your guests can enjoy the convenience of paying at check-in.


Multiple Payment Gateways

With multiple payment options integrated in the booking system, get paid through PayPal, Stripe, debit/credit cards, wire transfers, cheques, or even good old cash at the venue. Provide 100% safe transactions with secure payment gateways.

Reach out to customers

Reach out to your customers and engage with them by sending automated booking confirmations as soon as they book with you. The rental booking system lets you send customized emails and SMS to customers at pre-set times. Share valuable booking information like pick-up, drop-off times, any value-added services etc. Establish a personal relationship with customers and enjoy their continued patronage in future.

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Display exclusive offers

Use our reservation system to display exclusive deals and discounts. It’s a great way of attracting customers and boosting sales. The highly-customizable booking system can be pre-set to display special promo codes or vouchers periodically. This promotes consistent bookings at all times, thus ensuring steady revenue generation.

Manage bookings directly from the mobile app

Download our mobile app and receive booking confirmations and updates directly on your phone. You can send payment links, record bookings, get passenger information and other important details on the go. Never miss an update even when you’re away. With the mobile app, manage bookings 24X7, no matter where you are.



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