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Water Sports

Create unforgettable Water Sports activities in 3 quick steps.

It’s literally that simple!

Surfing | Kayaking | Canoeing | Jet Skiing | Rafting | Water Skiing

  • Create awesome and detailed tours or activities:
    • Create as many trips as possible with details such as Overview, Inclusions, Exclusions, Highlights etc.
    • Create a unique Trip Code for each tour.
    • Upload photos for each trip.
  • Get the Pricing & Rates Right:
    • Your tours can have different pricing variants depending on sharing or timing.
    • Create multiple variants as per your trip pricing. For eg. You may have different rates weekends and weekdays.
    • State your rates for categories, which you offer ­ Adult, Child, Senior etc.
    • You can also have slab pricing for Group Bookings.
    • You can create Custom Pax Type, for example:
      • Charges for adult or child with surfing equipment (surfboard & wetsuit).
      • Charges for adult or child Jet Ski Rider.
      • Charges for Rafting Group Booking.
      • Canoeing With Instructor or Without Instructor etc.
  • Dates & Timings:
    • Apply different rates for each day in any given week at any given time.
    • Create tours or activities with multiple dates and multiple timings, as per your requirement.
    • List different variants with selected pricing for each slot opened.
  • Booking Forms:
    • Get all the information you need  through the booking forms to help you serve your customers even better.
    • Create custom fields and get any additional information. For Example Height and Weight, Health issues (if any), etc.
    • Request for specific information, for example:
      • Preferred Surfboard Size.
      • Height for Kayaking.
      • Weight for Rafting and Water Skiing.
  • Extras:
    • Your trips may have some ‘addons’ like Photographs, or Guest Pickups. Rate them separately as Extras.
    • Customer can easily select the option he/she likes which shall automatically reflect in the total amount.