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Tour Operations & Backoffice

From the big picture to a single seat, control it all from one screen.

Bookings, Customers, Payments, Tours, Channels, Guides, Agents, and Reports, all in one place.

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Your HQ on the cloud




Powerful Dashboard 
Get a big picture overview of your business, or zoom into a single customer, booking, or payment. An elegantly designed dashboard that lets you stay in control.


Simplified Operations 
Record walk-in & phone bookings. Pax manifests show who has booked, who has special requests, or who still has to pay-up. Send payment reminders. Do more. Work less.


Powerful Reports & Analytics
A snapshot of your business delivered right to your inbox. Which tour is selling out? Which promotion did well? Where are customers dropping out? Insights – not just raw data.


Record Walk-In Bookings and Cash Collections


Not only for online bookings. Use the same system in your shop or point-of-sale and record walk-in bookings and cash collections.


If someone phones or emails you, record the booking and send them a payment link to confirm the booking. Make sure you get paid before the tour.

Pax Manifests for smoother tour operations

Organize your tour operations with the pax-manifest. See who’s booked, who’s paid, and who’s yet to pay in one neatly formatted view. Any field entered by the customer at the time of booking, can show up right next to his/her name. Meal preference, t-shirt size, hotel address, or more. Get the right information in the hands of your tour guides.

Print it out, if you prefer paper. Better yet, go green with our mobile app, and get a live pax-manifest on your smartphone. Tour guides can check-in customers as they arrive, and the office can follow-up with customers who’re late, or would prefer to reschedule.

Reports & Analytics. Delivered Right Into Your Inbox.

Business Insights

Weekly/monthly business analytics delivered right into your inbox. See which tour is selling, and which isn’t. Which promotion worked, which didn’t. How much you sold this month compared to last month. Act & intervene in your business in a timely fashion, based on these insights.


Detailed reports

Sales report, accounting report, payment report and more. Use the payment report to reconcile down to the last cent with your bank, cash register, and agents. Use the accounting report to share with your accountant.

Multiple User Accounts. Controlled by You.

Create accounts for everyone on your team and give them permissions for what they’re allowed to do. A tour guide should be able to view pax manifests, not download accounting reports. A content manager should be able to edit tour descriptions, not change agent rate cards. What’s more, audit logs record every change made by every user in your account. Allows you to delegate access, but always stay in control.

Automated Reminder & Feedback Emails



A booking is not the end of the conversation. Keep your customers engaged with a timely reminder about the exact meeting point, the tour guide’s contact details, or things to pack for the tour. After the tour, ask nicely for a TripAdvisor review, or a Facebook like. Happy customers spread the word, and help bring more customers in. It’s the circle of life!

Manage operations with ease

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