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Free Travel Website

Pay only when your travel business is healthy and bringing revenue. Till then, your travel website is free.

checked Feature-packed website

checked Custom domain

checked Booking engine

checked Website template optimized for travel

checked Payment-gateway pre-integrated

checked WhatsApp/Chat integration

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Starting a new travel business?

Don’t let technology costs bog you down. Invest that money in marketing and acquiring customers instead. Pay us only when you generate enough customer demand.

Business impacted due to Covid?

Use this time to upgrade your website for free. Spend time in SEO, content-marketing, and travel-blogging. Be prepared for market recovery, and pay us only when business picks up.

Free Travel Website: Usage Limits

Disk space

The total disk space available under the “Free Travel Website” plan is 500 MB. All storage related to your Vacation Labs account, such as your website content, images, blogs, database (for inquiries and bookings), etc. From our experience, 500 MB is sufficient for 75-100 pages on a travel website, along with images.

Bandwidth (data transfer)

Bandwidth/data-transfer is limited to 1 GB per month. The more visitors your website has, the higher your data-transfer will be. From our experience this usually means about 3,000 website visits per month. If your website crosses this limit, it will display a “Quota exceeded” message for the rest of the month.

Inquiries & Calls

We are giving away years of effort in building this product for free, and charging money only when your business is doing well. If your free travel website is generating more than 10 inquiries or calls per month, we feel it is fair to upgrade you to one of our paid plans.


All booking recorded in your Vacation Labs account (online or offline), will be chargeable at 5% of total booking amount. The idea is simple – we earn when you earn.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it really free? Are there any limitations?

Yes, it is free as long as your account/website is under the free usage limits and your usage is within our Acceptable Use Policy.

Can I use my own domain name, i.e. www.mydomain.com?

Yes, you can! Unlike many other free website builders, we do not restrict your free travel website to a subdomain (eg. subdomain.vacationlabs.com) You can purchase your domain from anywhere (like GoDaddy, BigRock, Namecheap, etc) and connect your website to it. Here is a support article that shows you how to change your DNS settings to take your free website live using your own custom domain.

What happens if my website crosses the free plan limits?

Great news! This means that your business is doing well, and that your free travel website is actually helping in generating business. Our sales team will get in touch with you to upgrade you to one of our paid plans.

Are there any feature restrictions on the free plan?

There are a few feature & service restrictions on the free plan:

  • Core usage limits as documented in the usage limits section
  • Vacation Labs ad/branding will be present on free travel websites and email/SMS communication sent via the platform.
  • We may limit certain features to only paid-plans, in the future.

What about customer support on the free plan?

The “Free Travel Website” plan is a DIY (“do-it-yourself”) plan. You will have access to our extensive support documentation, training videos, and limited chat / email support. Priority chat / email support, which is available to customers on paid plans, will not be available to free plan customers.

What about the initial support to get started with the product and make my website live?

Apart from the support documentation, training videos, and limited chat / email support, you always have the option of purchasing our one-time paid website setup / on-boarding services. Please initiate a chat with our sales team, or send an email to sales@vacationlabs.com if you’d like to know more.

What happens if my website never crosses the free-usage limits?

You can continue using the “Free Travel Website” as long as you’re signing into your Vacation Labs account and using the system at least once a month. If your account remains inactive for a long time, you will be notified via email, after which your account/website will be deleted from our servers.

Will this "Free Travel Website" be available forever?

We do not want to make promises that we cannot keep. As a business, if we are unable to bear the cost of powering a large number of free travel websites, then we will be forced to withdraw this free plan. Therefore, we reserve the right to terminate this free plan at any time. Users on the free plan will be given at least 60 days to migrate their websites to other platforms. Further, we reserve the right to limit/restrict the features & services offered under this free plan at any time.

What is the Acceptable Use Policy?

Our platform, product, and services are meant to be used by genuine travel businesses.

Here are some examples of acceptable use:

  • Website for a travel business that is currently operational or about to be launched shortly
  • Website for a business offering local experiences, that is currently operational or about to be launched shortly
  • Website for most businesses where the underlying product is “time based inventory”, such as, various classes (yoga, cooking, martial arts, etc), escape rooms, go-karting, paintball, etc.
  • Travel blog

Here are some examples of prohibited use:

  • Creating multiple accounts for the sole purpose of circumventing free-usage limits
  • Removing the Vacation Labs branding by any means whatsoever
  • Media-hosting for hot-linking
  • Websites created for “black-hat” SEO techniques, such as “scraper sites”, link-exchanges, spamdexing, etc.
  • Hosting content that violates intellectual property / copyright laws
  • Reverse-engineering, decompiling, or disassembling our product or services
  • Replicating / copying our products or services in any form whatsoever

Further, we reserve the right to immediately terminate the services to any customer on the “Free Travel Website” plan if the said customer’s usage harms our servers, data-centers, or technology infrastructure, or interferes with our ability to offer our products or services to other customers.