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Nature Trails

Close to nature in 3 quick steps.

It’s literally that simple!

Hiking | Trekking | Safari | Camping

  • Create awesome trails:
    • Create Short or Long Hiking or Trekking Trips.
    • Provide each trip with detailed information, like inclusions, exclusions, highlights etc.
    • Add disclaimers and T & C. Often Camping and Safari tours require very specific rules & regulations to be followed and understood by the customers. You can display the same at the time of booking itself.
    • Upload the best pictures of your nature trails.
  • Get the Pricing Right:
    • Price the trip according to the offerings, for example:
      • Charges for adult or child with/without Hiking or Trekking Gear.
      • For Camping – separate rates for people with/without their own tents.
      • Charges for Adult or Child separately.
      • Slab based pricing for group bookings.
  • Open multiple Time Slots:
    • Open Dates for your trips & create specific time slots for your hourly trips, depending on the availability of guides. You can list a morning slot or an evening slot or both, along with your varied pricing.
  • Custom Booking Forms:
    1. Request your customers for detailed information while booking by creating custom fields in the Booking Form. For example: In Camping you can request for Height to help you choose a tent for the guest, which will be visible in your booking form.