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Vehicle Tours

Create lovely tours on wheels in 3 quick steps.

It’s literally that simple!

Motorbike Tours | Bus Tours | Segway Tours | Bicycle tours

  • Creating and Managing tours
    • Create and Organize your vehicle tours with codes, names & duration. For example: “Adventure Joyride” for a motorbike tour or “City on Wheels” for a bus tour or a bicycle tour.
    • Provide complete details with inclusions, exclusions, Highlights, Pictures, Tour specific Disclaimer and T & C.
    • Provide Detailed itinerary or brief overview.
  • Pricing as per your requirements
    • Create Multiple variants of your tour and price them differently. For example: Often Bus Tours, Segway Tours and Bicycle Tours have options of guiding in multiple languages. You can rate each tour differently on the basis of the language.
    • Create multiple categories for pricing – Adult, Child, Student, Couples etc.
    • Add separate rate for each category.
    • Create slab based Group rates.
  • Open multiple Time Slots
    • You can create multiple time slots for same vehicle tour(morning, afternoon or evening) depending on availability of your guides. For example:
      • A segway tour of Rajpath, Delhi in evening.
      • A bicycle tour of mumbai markets early morning.
    • Have different time slots for different days in a week. You may start same tour at 7 am on a weekday and 8 am on a weekend.
    • You can have multiple vehicle tours in a single day at same time.
    • Set Different pricing for special days, weekdays or weekends for same tour.
  • Custom Forms
    • Get all the details you need from the client by creating custom fields for the booking form. For example: Pick up drop and address, any health conditions, Food Preferences, Name, age, email, phone no. etc
  • Extras:
    • Often Vehicle Tours come with addons like pictures during the trip, snacks & drinks etc. Add them as Extras and rate them separately. Making it easy for customer to select and they automatically reflect in the total amount.