The Grill after the Grilling

Fun at Work April 14, 2014

And what a grilling year 2013 was for all of us at Vacation Labs…. With the heat right up our behinds this year, we hardly even noticed how the year flew by. Some days we worked for 48 hours straight! (and in the process realized how bad it is for productivity), discovered some pretty painful bugs (Javascript Date, I’m looking at you) and spent nail biting months re-factoring code without any new features.

To say that it was an intense year is an understatement. We needed a break. It was time to let our hair down, have a few beers and just chill out..Pun intended 😉

So, in the spirit of the season, we decided to have a grill over at Vacation Labs HQ. And had a ball of fun while we were at it.

Being the self-learning obsessed geeks that we are, we decided to go DIY on this one. It can be amazing how a bunch of engineers (even if they’ve pursued an MBA after engineering) can be enterprising enough to experiment with a barbeque grill.

Who cares if no-one has ever used a grill, we could always Google right? (A reliable birdy tells me Google is now a verb). But we quickly realized that Google was certainly not going to heat up our coal.


Huffing and puffing wasn’t going to do the trick either, so we applied our mind and caught hold of the nearest table fan we could find and tried our luck there.

But it seemed like 2013 had some more surprises in store. This one was making us sweat. Quite literally..:(


Finally we put in a prayer or two and just went with it. Some frantic moves later, the grill finally behaved!

The silver lining was that the delay in lighting up the grill meant that our in-house masterchef- loving geek had ample time to prep some tasty delights. In the amount of time it took to light up the grill, he managed to whip up quite the list of goodies.


The food started flowing..Fish, Chicken, Prawns, Paneer, Mushrooms, and other assorted veggies. Gobbled up as quickly as they came off the grill :O 6 dishes in all! It was indeed a fattening Christmas. Santa would be proud.


Good food is definitely a great conversation starter (Did I mention the alcohol??). With the Indian elections just round the corner, the discussion invariably meandered towards politics. And the way we were at it, we could put prime time news anchors to shame.


In all that frenzy, our resident infant was having a ball at the no adult zone. A bag full of en exotic concoction of veggie salads & salty snacks would testify!


In the true spirit of 2013. We took some selfies too. But we’re too sober to put it up for public consumption 🙂

Here’s to a great year and an even wonderful 2014.

PS: This blog is a joint contribution of our resident script writers – Ashwin Sawal and Chinmoy Debnath.

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