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Internship Stories


CollaBroText (Sublime Plugin)

Jan-June 2016

Under the mentorship of Saurabh Nanda, we built a Sublime Text plugin from scratch. The plugin, called CollaBroText, which provides a Google Docs-like commenting system (for collaborative coding within teams) as well as background support for basic Git functionalities (for syncing code and comments). CollaBroText has been published on Package Control we intend on fixing existing bugs and providing as much support as we can for the foreseeable future.

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Chain Reaction (Web-based game)

Jan 2015

Our project was a web based game(chain reaction). I worked hard, probably harder than I’ve ever worked before. Ashwin, Rajdeep and Saurabh always helped us with our doubts however they could. They are all brilliant and just talking to them and gaining knowledge was a big part of the experience. They push you to think further and to find the best possible solution regardless of the method used.

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Jan 2015

This project was built with love by Valindo Godinho and Kahlil Abreu for a 2 week intership programme at Vacation Labs. We picked up Javascript from scratch along with HTML5 and CSS3. A shout out to everyone at Vacation Labs who offered the right kind of enviroment and guidance for this project. And finally a mention to good ‘ol Google 🙂

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Peg Solitaire

Jul 2014

We implemented a version of the game of Peg Solitaire (known as Brainvita in India) for our internship at Vacation Labs. Our project went pretty smoothly, thanks to Saurabh and we managed to finish it with around a day or two to spare. All in all, it was a really fun two weeks and one of the best experiences of our lives.