Now accept online tour bookings in Myanmar with CB Bank Payment Gateway supported by Vacation Labs

Product Updates March 6, 2019

With Vacation Lab’s increasing brand recognition in Asia, we wanted to offer the full bouquet of payment services to our customers in Myanmar. Co-operative Bank Ltd. is one of Myanmar’s oldest and largest commercial banks.

CB Bank provides its customers with mobile banking services, both for individuals and businesses. They largely relate to everyday operations, allowing companies to make payments to vendors and counterparts, administer payroll for employees, send trade documents and employ foreign exchange services, among other facilities.

Setting Up Co-operative Bank Payment Gateway for Tour and Travel Websites

It can be easily integrated with your Vacation Lab’s account of your store. To activate your account, go to the Co-operative Bank platform and register your business. Once done, open your Co-operative Bank account and copy the

  1. Access Code
  2. Secure Secret
  3. Merchant Id

values that will be needed to integrate Co-operative Bank with your Vacation Lab’s account.

On the backend of the Vacation Labs system, check into Settings and click Payment processors. Now pick Co-operative Bank from the list, enter the relevant details, and voila! You are set to activate Co-operative Bank for the platform.

Vacation Lab’s Supports Co-operative Bank payment system and many other payment gateways which you require. You can check for all supported payment gateways supported by clicking here.

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