How To Make Tour Route Maps On Google For Customers & Guides

How-to Operations February 19, 2018

One of the must-haves of any tour guide, and indeed, of any tour information you design, is a tour route map. Whether there are multiple destinations to be covered as part of your tour, or whether it is giving turn-by-turn directions to a specific site, tour route maps give your customers a visualization of the route between multiple places and help you devise the most optimised route.

You can use Google Maps to create custom maps for your entire itinerary. It’s a simple process that anyone can use for free.


1. Start by creating a custom map



Open Google Maps and navigate to Your Places > Maps > Create Map. Enter the desired name for your map and a description. Use a naming convention in line with your tour to make it obvious to travellers what the map is about and what it is documenting.

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2. Get as detailed as you want


With Google Maps, you can get as specific as you want. You can design the map to display only the route between different cities and towns you’ll be visiting with your customers. Scale the map further and you can design routes between popular sites in a particular city or get more specific by displaying restaurants, shopping streets and historical sites in a specific neighbourhood. Use markers for various locations with labels, descriptions and images.


3. Add layers to group locations together


group locations

Imagine being able to group locations together – say you want to highlight all the restaurants in a particular part of the city. You can do this by creating a layer. Select a place of interest then add it to the appropriate layer. A pop-up displays information related to the site including the street address, website and phone number.

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4. Design routes on the map


You can also use layers to add different paths for walking and driving. You can draw lines to indicate optimum paths between sites and even switch between default map view, terrain or satellite view if you desire to give your map a different feel.

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