How To Run A Tour Business From Your Mobile Phone

How-to Operations August 22, 2018

The joys and adventure of travelling are part and parcel of a tour operator business. If you are not guiding your tours and activities, then you are definitely travelling the earth for new thrills to share with customers. So, when you enjoy an on the go profile, a support system that keeps up with you becomes vital. Luckily, technology is a marvel that can be accessed anywhere even on your mobile. It is almost like carrying your business in your pocket.

All you need is a relevant mobile app to manage your tours and activities!



Vacation Labs is a smart booking engine with all the tools required to manage tour inventory efficiently. But, you cannot trek with a laptop and certainly not river rafting. Your mobile, however, is your constant companion. Bearing that in mind Vacation Labs has designed an interactive mobile app to meet your immediate business requirements while you are away from your desktop.

Making Operation Simple With The Vacation Labs Mobile App



Vacation Labs Mobile App

With a 4.9 rating on Google Play Store, the Vacation Labs mobile app for tour operators meets your on-the-go needs flawlessly. The mobile technology is designed and built to enable a potable booking engine and backoffice so you can view, add, cancel and edit bookings in a few swift clicks. Here’s a look at different scenarios when the app comes in handy:

What Do You Do When You Get A Booking When You’re Not At Work?

Ever received a tour enquiry call while out of office and converted it to a booking?

Where do you record the new booking? On paper or email? It’s absolutely easy to make bookings for people when in office with a computer in front of you. All you need is your booking engine open to record the client’s details and reservation.

But, what happens when you are out having lunch? Or, out of station? How do you ensure the speedy service you promise?

The solution is simple. The Vacation Labs mobile app offers booking engine functions. It allows you to create bookings immediately while speaking to customers. It gives you the liberty to accept bookings from Whatsapp, Facebook and any other kind of chat you use. Once the booking is created, you can confirm the booking without payment, record payment or request payment.



Making A Booking 

Most Of Your Bookings Are Done Offline & You Have Limited Tech Resources. What Do You Do?

In spite of the online revolution, many travellers still prefer offline interactions with travel vendors. For many it ensures reliability, authority and accountability. So, ignoring the offline route all together is not an option. So, does this mean you must invest in more computers? Should you record offline bookings on paper?

No, not really! You can use the Vacation Labs booking engine app on mobile. Your team can download the app, sign-in and start recording bookings right from the app. It provides the option to record offline payments made via cash and cheque. Online payment links can also be sent to customers to reduce paperwork even further. The mobile app is an ideal solution during power cuts too while your computer is out of action.

When using the app you will notice there are 3 options to choose from when creating a booking:



Payment options

1- Confirm booking without payment- does exactly what it says.

2- Record payment- allows you to record offline payments made through cash, card swipe, cheque or NEFT.



Offline Booking Payment Options


3- Request payment- allows you to send an online payment link to the relevant client via email and SMS.


Online Payment Link Sent In SMS

How Do You Track The Status Of Your Business While Away From Office?

Every ring and buzz from your phone is encouraging when a tour booking is the reason behind it. But, being a business owner comes with the inconvenience of a cluttered notifications feed. There are emails, text messages, chat messages, social media alerts and other app updates fighting for your attention. It takes awhile to get straight to your business updates as you sift through multiple notifications. So, how do you identify the latest interactions with your online tour business in one glance?

Easy, with the Notifications section of the Vacation Labs mobile app!

Vacation Labs Mobile App Notifications


In a single view, the Vacation Labs mobile app shows you all your business updates right on your phone. You are notified of tour bookings, tour enquiries, booking attempts, pending payments, payments received, abandoned bookings and much more. There’s a special tab dedicated just for these notifications. It comes with a segregation filter too for simplified notification review.



Notification Filters


Each notification shows a brief description and offers action buttons for quick response. Tapping on any notification from the list takes you to the relevant booking or attempted booking recorded by the Vacation Labs software. Here you have more options to view further details and make changes.



Notification Details



Action Buttons



Checking Notifications On The App


How Do You Track Who Attended Your Tours?

Checking passenger attendance can be a struggle. Have you ever lost track of who’s arrived and who hasn’t? Do you feel preparing a new attendance sheet every time is too much paperwork?

Well, number one, keeping track of who’s present helps you note if anyone is missing. You can accordingly call them up and confirm their participation or assist them in case they are lost. Number two, check-in information helps you keep track of the refunds you owe when a client does not show.

Plus, with this information, you can interact with actual participants in the future for feedback and repeat sales. As for the no-shows, you can reschedule their trips or even blacklist those customers who keep abandoning trips booked with you.

To reduce the hassles of maintaining tour attendance, the Vacation Labs mobile app gives you the option to record check-ins the moment a customer arrives. This option was designed to aid tour operators offering shared trips, like food tours, bus tours, boat rides and so on. As a tours and activities aggregator, you can simply mark those present through the app and leave the location once the tour starts.



Using The Check-in Feature

Do You Plan Your Schedule Efficiently?

Planning your day or week is always dependent on your tour schedule. To make sure no tours overlap, it is imperative to maintain a calendar with the correct schedule of your tour business. It’s a time-consuming task to prepare a special calendar with all your bookings. And, every time you get a new booking, you must record the same manually. So, you are in for chaos if you forget to input any details.

To cut out the additional work, the Dashboard section of the Vacation Labs mobile app serves as an interactive schedule. You can access your tour calendar to see which days you have free and the ones where you are booked. Tapping on the dates from the calendar view reveals the bookings made for that date. You can check the number of bookings made and their timings.

Each shared trip booking shows the passenger manifest. These can be edited to add payment as and when required. The bookings recorded can be rejected or cancelled by you at any time through the app. The app also allows you the liberty to confirm new bookings whenever you like. There’s no need to wait till you get to office.


Vacation-labs-Pax manifest

Checking The Passenger Manifest

It’s just that easy!

The mobile version of the Vacation Labs booking engine is simplified to provide those feature you need most while away from your workstation. With its selected control options the mobile app focuses on the key areas of your business. It also reduces the clutter on the small screen of your handset thus enabling smooth management of your tour business from your smartphone.

Other mobile apps that improve your business efforts include the #1 travel review app, TripAdvisor; MakeMyTrip and ClearTrip. With the on-the-go culture becoming so popular today, it’s essential to stay aware of your business’ progress and the latest developments in your industry. 


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