Why Should TripAdvisor Reviews Be Your Top Priority?

Online Marketing November 30, 2017

Imagine this, your experts have selected the perfect travel website design to maximize bookings. You have set up your vacation booking system automate operations. Does this mean you’re all to generate sales right?

Not really, because you’ve forgotten to give travellers a reason to trust your new website. People trust the word of other travellers, which is why third-party site TripAdvisor, can boost your business with ease.

In an interview, Steve Kaufer, CEO of TripAdvisor said,

“TripAdvisor is a great site to plan and book the perfect trip. Our mission is to help you learn the truth about anywhere you want to go, anywhere you want to stay, anything you want to do, any place you might want to eat, to form what could be wonderful lasting memories of that vacation.”

The lure of forming lasting memories is what attracts tourists. Here are 4 reasons why –

1. Every traveller seeks real-world opinions

Reviews on TripAdvisor are trusted. In a study conducted by Oxford Economics, it was found that –

“The trust created by TripAdvisor reviews, the transparency of listings, and the ease of comparison results in more trips per traveler per year.”

So, use TripAdvisor to improve customer experiences so they buy more. You can paste these on your website and link back to the review platform for authenticity.

2. Best-ranked businesses attract higher attention


TripAdvisor has a secret recipe for determining listings but three things that contribute to better rankings are – review quality, volume and recency. TripAdvisor is a recommendation engine of sorts. To perform well on this platform you must get quality reviews regularly. These also help you place higher in Google search results for your activities. Notice in the image above how the highest ranking tour with the most reviews on TripAdvisor shows up first.

3. Travellers want to review you

The Oxford study also stated that –

“More than 280 traveler reviews and opinions are submitted to the site every minute.”

It’s clear that most travellers are open to reviewing you. Don’t hesitate to ask them to leave you a review on TripAdvisor. Great reviews will attract more leads. Not-so-great ones will let you know what the issues are and resolve them. So, don’t even think twice about send requests for reviews to customers soon after your tours are complete.

4. From TripAdvisor reviews, guests want to see  your travel website


Once travellers are convinced about tour authenticity, they’ll want to come to your website.  Always link back to the booking page. Go the extra mile to ensure your travel website design is customer-friendly, this way you can hook your leads and convert them effectively.

More Tips: To get the most out of TripAdvisor Listings!

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