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Distribution How-to March 19, 2018

In 2015, Cleartrip announced the launch of Cleartrip Activities. It is a mixed bag of tours and activities for travellers and locals to enjoy. Night treks, food walks, culinary classes, day outings, adventure tours and photography trails are some trips that Cleartrip Activities offers.

In its own words, Cleartrip defines ‘Cleartrip Activities’ as:

A new product by Cleartrip that focuses on offering unique and hyper-local experiences/activities helping the consumers rediscover their own cities and for travelers to experience the uniqueness and essence of the destinations they go to.”

The activities can be purchased while booking trips on the platform or even after reaching a destination. It’s a great tool with over 15,000 exciting activities for kids and adults. After just a year of launching Cleartrip Activities, the company experienced a 75% rise in new customers.

You should take a bite out of Cleartrip’s success by selling your tours on Cleartrip Activities. The platform is open to partnerships with tour operators and other activity suppliers. Better yet, it allows them to control offerings through an advanced travel CMS (content management system).

How to register on Cleartrip?

Operators who specialise in activities and have an expertise in providing experiences to end customers are preferred by Cleartrip. Quirky and unique tours and activities are also desirable.

Creating a partner account

To create a partner account on Cleartrip, log onto- This the platform is known as Cleartrip Activities Management Platform (CAMP). It allows you to list your experiences for free on Cleartrip.

When signing up, you will need-

To make your account live and active, a Cleartrip representative will meet you to collect the required documents to get started. For this you will need-

There are no signup or usage fees at this stage. All you need to do is fill in the below sign-up form, following which you will receive communication from Cleartrip in 48 hours.


After registration, a market ambassador will be introduced who will be your point of contact at Cleartrip. The ambassador will provide you with CAMP training on how to effectively use the system and create your first listing, etc.


How to list on Cleartrip Activities

To list your activities on Cleartrip, you must log into your CAMP account and your activities with images, titles, descriptions, prices, locations and contact details. While creating a listing, it can be saved halfway and edited before submitting them for listing approval.

When listing on the platform, it is important to add as much information as possible. Cleartrip also improves the content copy and formatting to suit its needs wherever required.

What Tour Operators Need To Know Before Listing On Cleartrip Activities

1. Cleartrip accepts similar experiences from multiple suppliers

The OTA’s platform displays activities based on different parameters such as pricing, reviews and USPs.

2. Cleartrip allows listing more than one activity

There is no limit to the number of activities tour operators and agents can list on Cleartrip activities. The only condition is that they should be able to deliver what they promise.

3. Cleartrip enables complete price control

Through the CAMP system, tour operators can set different prices for the same tour on different days of the week.

4. Cleartrip doesn’t allow multi-day trips

Cleartrip Activities concentrates on short experiences that last for a few hours. The maximum duration allowed is overnight activities.

5. Cleartrip doesn’t allow on-request experiences

Only activities that have specified inventory that can be booked online are allowed on the platform.

6. Cleartrip allows partner reviews and ratings

After the completion of an activity, customers will be requested to review the activity provider. It is essential to provide quality services because it will determine the kind of reviews you receive. And, the quality of these impact your visibility on Cleartrip Activities.

7. Cleartrip penalizes suppliers who cancel bookings

In the event of a booking cancellation by a provider, Cleartrip reserves the right to penalize him. In case of uncontrollable circumstances like bad weather, that may disrupt tours and cause booking cancellations, the OTA requests partners to mention in their listings- there can be cancellations due to weather interruption.

In case and interruption of this extent occurs, the Cleartrip team needs to be informed.

How Do Payments Work On Cleartrip?

The prices at which activities are sold on Cleartrip is called market price. It is the price disclosed to walk-in customers. Commission, on the other hand, refers to the amount payable to Cleartrip after a sale is made on the platform.

When it comes to payments, all booking amounts are collected by Cleartrip and dispersed within 3 working days from the date of service delivery to the customer. Payment will be automatically remitted to the bank account registered with Cleartrip.

Cleartrip also offers promotions on its platform to improve visibility and chances of more bookings. You also receive tools to analyze customer insights to improve your selling techniques on the portal. For more information how to sell on Cleartrip Activities, click here! For tips on how manage your bookings click here!

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