4 Best Practices For Travel Agent Management & Improved Sales

Online Marketing November 23, 2017

In the travel business, it is of paramount importance that you sell the right trips to the right audience. The role of agents and resellers in helping you achieve this is significant. They are the cogs in the machine that is your travel business.

However, managing your tour resellers can be a challenging task. This is why Vacation Labs has designed a travel agent management software and additional services that take care of the operational tasks while letting you, your agents and resellers focus on the task that gets you business i.e. the marketing of your tours.

1. Make Communication Crystal Clear


Communicating correctly with your agents is critical. You cannot have them selling a trip intended for a family with kids to thrill-seeking travellers. Not only is it a misfit, it will result in a lost opportunity.  At the same time, you don’t want your travel agents selling tours beyond your capacity.

With tour and activity websites and atravel agent management software, like the one from Vacation Labs, you ensure travellers get the same information about your trips, available seats, additional costs, inclusions and so on irrespective of whether they book directly from your website or through your agent.

2. Track Reseller & Agent Performance

It is cumbersome to deal with operational tasks, and more importantly, it takes away your time and focus from your actual business of selling tours and trips.

Vacation Labs has designed a tour management software capable of doing the heavy lifting for you. This online booking software for tour operators captures all the booking details – irrespective of whether booking was completed or abandoned. This way you can see which channel/ agent is serving you best. The system also records which distribution channel bookings have come through. For this, you can give your tour operators and resellers access to special backend accounts and restrict or override these too. 

3. Control & Customize Tour Bookings

You may want to customize tour rates or add-ons based on the deals you made with your agents. An online booking software for tour operators makes it easy to introduce such customisations once a booking is made or being made.

Vacation Labs allows you to make custom bookings and organise these plus commissions according to agent and reseller partnership deals. However, do note that these kinds of customisations can only be done by you and not agents and resellers, to protect your business.

4. Empower Agents ‘On The Move’

Technology enables businesses to continue running even when people are outside their “office”. Give your resellers the option of working while at home or out of town. This will help them improve the quality of service and garner more customers for you. 

With Vacation Labs you allow agents to view tour related information and rates even when they are on the move. No more do they have to chase you, or you them if they aren’t in front of their laptops. Their smartphones enable them to continue to operate from anywhere with the Vacation Labs App.

There you have it 4 effective means to manage your tour distributors and the bookings they bring for smooth business. And, that’s all through one solution, an online booking software for tour operators. Wish to discover more about how Vacation Labs can help you manage resellers and agents effectively? Request a demo or sign-up for a 14-day free trial to understand our travel agent management software.

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