6 Secrets To A Successful Tour Marketing Plan

Online Marketing November 6, 2017

The number one question for tour and activity operators is – how do I maximize bookings? It’s an objective you can meet with the aid of an effective tour marketing plan.

To design your very own tour marketing plan that delivers, focus on these 6 things:

  1. Know what your goal is


Every plan should have an end goal. The efforts of your tour and travel marketing depend on this. Take a while to figure out what your business goals are for the season or the whole year. Do you want 50% more bookings? Do you want to increase the average transaction value by 15%? The basic purpose of a marketing plan is to help you achieve these goals.

  1. Define who you want to attract

Next, your tour marketing plan needs to be directed towards a particular demographic. Have you understood who your customers are? You have to be specific about your demographics to understand their interests and what will appeal to them. Based on this information, you can create effective content and use appropriate channels for your tour marketing campaign.

  1. Choose the tours you want them to book

Pick 2-3 tours that your target audience will love. Once that’s decided, create offers around those tours to make them irresistible. Bundling up tour packages is another tactic used by marketers to encourage more bookings. The Vacation Labs online tour booking software can help you set up tour promotions through coupon codes and loyalty programs. This online tour booking software can also create tour packages and customised bookings to suit your customer’s needs.

  1. Establish a deadline


Goals aren’t really goals unless they are time-bound. For your tour marketing campaign, your goals will need to have a start and end date. When setting this time frame, remember the effectiveness of tour and travel marketing takes time. This is because awareness spreads with time and your customers also need sufficient time to narrow down their tour options. However, that doesn’t mean your tour promotions continue indefinitely and deplete your resources completely. You can begin your tour marketing campaign 2-3 months before the peak season, to create awareness and then the desire to book with you.

  1. Know what to say

Your campaign message is equally important. Whatever it says should strengthen your business’ core values and its overarching mission. Similarly, it should mention what needs to be done through call-to-actions.

  1. Decide how you will reach your audience


Once you know what your message will be and you know who to reach out to, you need to decide how you will reach out to them. Will you use social media like Facebook and Pinterest? Would your tour promotions be displayed on your own website or online travel marketplaces? Will you opt for email marketing? Or will it be a combination of various channels? Test out at least 5 channels at a time to be certain of their effectiveness for your tour marketing plan.

The key to creating the perfect tour marketing plan is to give yourself sufficient time to put it together. Once you have designed your campaign, it is time to execute it and observe its performance. Based on this you will need to tweak your tour marketing campaign to improve it. This could be in terms of deadlines, marketing channels, call-to-action, etc. If you would like some more tips and tactics on marketing your tours effectively, do reach out to our team of experts at Vacation Labs.

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