How To Name Your Tour Company- 6 Strategies

How-to Online Marketing March 12, 2018

They say first impressions are everything. Your company name is your business’ first impression, and choosing the right one can make all the difference. In the past, people often named their businesses after their family or God. Doing this today can be bad for business. So, what should you name your company?

Naming Your Business 101

Your company name and tagline should always answer these questions:

To begin, decide what your USP is. What is the one thing that you do better than anyone else? Then, decide how you plan to scale your USP in the future. Once you narrow this down, you’ll know where to start.

6 Strategies for Naming Your Tour Business

#1 Use your location

Ideal for: Tour operators that manage multiple tours in a single location

Using your location is great for SEO. Say you’re on vacation in the Grand Canyon. The first thing you type into Google to find a local tour is “Grand Canyon Tours.” This leads your target market right to your site and works just as effectively in the real world as it does online. It’s easy to remember, which means it’s easy for people to recommend to their friends. The bottom line: use popular destinations to make your company popular as well. Learn more about using SEO to increase your bookings here.

#2 Use location + tour type

Ideal for:  Tour operators who offer a single type of tour in a single location

Goa Diving is a great example. The name alone tells customers everything they need to know about the business, striking the perfect balance between great SEO and recall value.

#3 Use your tour type

Ideal for: Tour operators who focus on one type of tour and aren’t tied to a specific location.

By putting the type of tour you offer in your name, you convey your number one business objective from the start. If “Boat Tours” is in your name, for example, your customers immediately know what kind of business you’re in. This tactic works well when combined with strategies 6 and 7 on our list.

#4 Use generic association

Ideal for: Tour operators who operate in multiple locations and in two or more similar fields, like wildlife and adventure.

Use a name that has a generic association with the types of tours you promote. For example, if you offer safari and wilderness tours in three cities, you might name your tour company Pugmarks Adventures or Snow Leopard Tours.

#5 Use relevant words with strong emotional connotations

Ideal when: Above options are already exhausted by your competitors or aren’t suitable for your business.

If the first strategies aren’t best for your tour company, relying on emotionally-charged branding is the next best thing. Use words that appeal to your target market and reinforces your USP. For example, if you offer extreme tours, think skydiving or bungee jumping, you might name your company Daredevil Tours or Thrill Seeker Tours. Your brave customers will relate to your name, and even be honoured by it.

#6 Get Creative

Ideal when: Attention-grabbing branding appeals to your target market.

Use an attention-grabbing name that intrigues your ideal customer base. The options here are endless. You can use a catchy word from a foreign language, build your brand around an international location or use an analogy. Because this strategy may be risky, it’s best to test your ideas with a diverse group of people to see how well they respond to the name. For example, if your name confuses your test group, chances are it will confuse your future customers. Prevent problems by solving them before they happen.

The Bottom Line

There’s no magic formula for naming your business. After all, Kentucky Fried Chicken locations exist all around the world, and their newest chicken isn’t even fried. If you’re wondering how to name your tour business, start by following these seven strategies—then have a little fun with it!

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