5 Hacks to Boost Your Tour Website Performance

Online Marketing Travel & Tourism Travel Website October 13, 2017

Are you feeling the heat of competition? Is your tour website losing critical leads to competing websites? Are you looking for ways to make your tour website design more effective? If you have been wondering about all this, we have 5 proven hacks to put your mind at ease and turn your tour website into one of the best travel sites for improved performance:

#1 – Use captivating images with a message


Picture quality can make or break your tour business. It’s difficult to judge the quality of a tour package through blurred or vague images. When was the last time you gave your time, let alone your money, to an online product depicted with unclear images? Probably never, Right?

Think of images as information, which travellers value. High-resolution bright images of tour activities help them understand tour products better. At the same time, real and relevant images make a greater impact. If you sell river rafting tours, you wouldn’t use images of the beach. Similarly, if you provide sightseeing tours of Goan churches, you cannot add images of churches abroad. For the perfect image pick ones of your actual tours. Make it a point to include images of people enjoying your tours. This gives, well, a clearer picture of how fun your tours are. So, pick the best time of day (depending on your tour type), to click captivating pictures of your tours in action. This is a primary essence some of the best travel sites in the industry.

#2 – Enable easy use through effective themes


Remember the main purpose behind tour websites is to inform travellers and encourage multiple bookings. Here, website navigation comes into play, through tabs, buttons, their placements and the product information they lead to. They must give customers viewing control on your website. To make this possible, the travel website theme you use must offer features of an online tour store. This means they need to display – tour package collections, overviews, itineraries or schedules, highlights and add-ons such as pick and drop services, (if offered).

While reading about a tour package,  your travel website theme should allow customers to book or inquire about booking dates at a single click. This makes ‘Book/ Enquire Now’ button placement and visibility very important. The same should be reflected on mobile sites when your tour and activities are viewed on mobile devices. Buttons like these must be connected to an efficient tour booking system. VacationLabs offers a tour booking system that records all your bookings efficiently and manages them through its tour management software.

Another factor that makes handling a tour website easy is, content. Make tour descriptions crisp and to the point. Customers are more likely to stay on your website and buy when they understand your products quickly, especially mobile users. This is because majority of customers are skimming for highlights when reading content, says user experience research firm, Nielsen Norman Group. Does your travel website theme allow this? If not, it’s time to switch to a new look.

#3 – Build trust & ensure safety


Display your Trip Advisor reviews and ratings on your website. It increases customer trust as a neutral reviewing platform. Linking your Trip Advisor account to your tour store shows customers you care about the quality of services you promise. Plus, your tour website gets an SEO boost and the online booking experiences are enhanced right from the start. In a similar manner, show tour updates from your Facebook page as well. It provides the same effect.

Apart from creating and awareness, make your customers feel safe on your website too. Google recently made it mandatory for ecommerce websites, to obtain SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certification, for user security. Absence of this will cause the search engine to flash a warning, labelling your platform and everything on it as ‘NOT SECURE’. Since you will offer bookings through your travel site, online transactions are a requirement. This puts you in the ecommerce category. So, you need to make customers feel safe especially those paying through your website. Protect their sensitive data through secure connections with SSL certification for your website.

#4 – Promise availability & flexibility


Besides knowing tours are available for booking, customers may want to contact you for details on activity discounts or tour add-ons. To ensure you are always available to help, display your contact details (phone number and email address) in noticeable sections of your website. This again makes your travel website theme a key priority.

Speaking with customers directly can help you persuade them to book or upgrade to combo tour packages. At the same time, speaking with interested customers may lead to requests for booking updates. A flexible tour management software should allow you to make booking detail changes anytime to satisfy customers. It should also record these changes.

#5 – Add Google Map integration


Google Maps allows anyone to create custom maps anywhere in the world. Linking with Google Maps helps you display your tour routes. This gives travelers a chance to check out the tour map online and research its surroundings. With a tour map in hand, customers can feel safe and also find nearby accomodation to avoid travelling hassles, cafes and more recreational activities to try once your tour is complete. Creating these kinds of maps is also useful for them to find you on time, which prevents tour delays. If you offer multi-day tour packages, you can even mark hotels, restaurants, pick-up and drop off points for added convenience. While you’re at it list your business on Google Places. It can boost your ratings even higher.

As you can see, an engaging travel store goes beyond having a presence online. It requires a strategic approach to convert online visitors into buyers. The experts at VacationLabs, a travel technology company, excel in these kinds of hacks and more. Click here to see how much more!

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