6 Tour Promotion Channels You Cannot Afford To Ignore

Online Marketing November 16, 2017

If you want your business to stand out among the plethora of travel websites, you must optimize its promotion and distribution. With so many avenues available, you need to figure out which distribution channel works best for you to meet your business objectives.

Here are six channels you should evaluate when formulating a marketing strategy for your travel business and tour promotion:



TripAdvisor is an important online listing for increased business visibility and for tour promotion. It is a must-have for every tour operator serious about tour quality and business growth. Built on reviews from an online community of travellers, feedback and engagement on TripAdvisor will get your content in front of the relevant audiences. But, for that to happen you must first collect sufficient reviews and respond to them professionally. It does take time and effort, but the results speak for themselves.




The main purpose of travel websites is to establish a business presence. Pretty much every business today sees an online presence as a necessity. Get your travel website perfectly crafted to meet your tour business needs. You can choose to set up a website using travel technology like Vacation Labs for a comprehensive travel website design that’s integrated with a tour booking system and payment management system.

With your own website, you have the most control over your tour promotion. You can tweak your tour packages, collections and terms of purchase or offers to promote your tours the way you like.



Pick two to three social mediums that you’d like to focus on. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest – these are all popular social media channels for travel business content distribution. Choose the platform that best serves your need to get more leads and increase bookings. Ensure that mentions about your business in comments and messages are responded to. Make it a weekly practice to search your business on social platforms to know what customers are saying about you. This way you can respond to questions and comments addressing you in a timely fashion.




Offline channels are still relevant mediums that receive bookings, including walk-ins. Not everyone plans their vacations. Some like being spontaneous. Allow yourself to take advantage of this by paying attention to direct offline leads and opportunities when planning your tour promotion.



You can partner with other travel businesses and tour management operators on both local and global levels that compliment your business so that your trips can be recommended to the relevant audience.

On a local level, you can partner with tour operators specializing in a niche outside your own. At the global level, you can speak with tour operators doing the same tours as you. This way you can expand your presence and gain recommendations through other tour operators.

Besides this, you can also team up with hotels and rental vehicle businesses to promote your tours along with their services. Travel agents can integrate your tours into their travel website design as their top tours for a given location.




Visitor information centres are another channel for sales generation. Several tourists visit public information centres looking for details on what they can do in the area, which is why it helps to build a relationship with your local information centre. Try publishing pamphlets or brochures of your tours with vivid images of your exciting activities for the season. Deliver them to these information centres and make them available for free. You could also hand them out at museums, libraries, hotels and restaurants, apart from dedicated information centres.


All the above 6 channels work best when used in unison. Each channel cannot continuously give you high tour sales. However, together you have an unbeatable system that can gather tour bookings when and wherever consumers have the need for them.

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