Using TripAdvisor Reviews To Amplify Your Tour Business Sales

Online Marketing Travel & Tourism October 31, 2017

Today’s new age travellers rely a lot on peer reviews and user suggestions when they plan their trips. Most of the millennials check out reviews, images and ratings on the internet before booking a hotel or tour package or even a bus. It’s not only about having one of the best travel sites. Among available resources on the web, TripAdvisor is one of the most trusted, influential and renowned brand in the travel planning domain. Just to give an idea, there are over 125 million reviews on TripAdvisor, with 260 million unique visitors per month on the site.

Why is this significant?

That’s because travellers love reading TripAdvisor reviews and 65% of them are more likely to book a hotel that has won a TripAdvisor award. In other words, TripAdvisor is a channel you as a travel and tour operator just can’t afford to ignore. Getting the most out of TripAdvisor is a critical topic. Read on to learn how you can still join the platform and boost your business through your listing there.

How To Get Your Tour Business Listed On TripAdvisor

Becoming tour operators on TripAdvisor is a simple process. We’ve explained the step-by-step process below. But, before that, note “Travel Agency” and “Tour Operator” are not listed as options. However, you can get listed on TripAdvisor as an “Attraction”. For this, you need to submit your travel agency as an ‘attraction’ if it meets following criteria –

–        Offers day tours (not overnight or multi-day)

–        Is licensed by local city or tourism officials

–        Has a functional website

–        The word “Private” appears in the listing name

To begin listing your tour business on TripAdvisor, you can visit

STEP 1: Once on the “List an attraction” page, fill in your details like – name, email and your role at the business from the drop-down menu.

STEP 2: Next, you’ll need to offer basic information about your tour operator business such as name, city/state, zip code, street address and country. In case you operate out of a small town you can check the option which says your city is not listed. This will require you to complete a few extra steps. You can also mark on the map provided, the location closest to your business.

STEP 3: Now, fill in your business contact details like phone number, e-mail, website address and Facebook page, which will be displayed on your TripAdvisor page.

STEP 4: For this step choose a category. Make sure you choose the correct category, otherwise, it will be really difficult for people to find you as tour operators on TripAdvisor. You can choose from categories such as ‘Outdoor activities’, ‘Sightseeing tours’ and so on.

STEP 5:  Fill the recommended length of visit (in terms of hours), price of entry and description of your attraction. Make sure you give a compelling reason to attract customers. The description is really important so that people understand what you have to offer. Remember when you were building you tour website to be the best travel sites? What kind of content did you include? Try and use the same principles here.

STEP 6: Next, is the additional information section, which is optional, but should be filled to further attract travellers.

STEP 7: Finally, pick the best picture that represents your business, check the box to certify yourself and hit submit to get your tour business listed on TripAdvisor.

How Can Tour Operators Boost Their TripAdvisor Ranking?

TripAdvisor has its own ranking algorithm, or popularity index, which determines how your business ranks in comparison to other brands in the same domain. Higher your ratings, better are the chances of people finding your tour business online. TripAdvisor’s goal is to get the best entries to rank higher to ensure travellers are happy and keep on using TripAdvisor. That’s why the TripAdvisor algorithm prioritizes consistency to give higher ranks to good performance over a period of time.

Based on a tour operator’s TripAdvisor reviews, there are three factors related to the TripAdvisor ranking mechanism. They are:

  1. Quality: This means positive reviews.
  2. Quantity: The more reviews you have, the higher you rank.
  3. Freshness: Recent reviews are prioritized, and older reviews have less impact with time.

Keeping these key factors in mind, there are certain practices you must adopt to improve your tour business’ TripAdvisor reviews:

A study by TripAdvisor claims that 53% of its users do not book if they do not find TripAdvisor reviews for that given business. The more reviews you have, the better it is, especially if you are catering to a wide variety of TripAdvisor categories like couples, single people, families or business people. You cannot prevent unhappy customers from venting out their frustrations. So, you have to work harder to get all your satisfied and happy customers to share their experience online as well, to counter negatives reviews.

How to Maximise impact on TripAdvisor

There isn’t a one size fits all solution when it comes to making the most of your TripAdvisor listing. You know your business well, to promote it in the best possible way on the TripAdvisor review platform. At the same time, when you are listed on TripAdvisor, you must fulfil these basics to reap the best possible benefits. How you implement them can be tweaked according to your tour business requirements.

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