Want More Tour Reviews From Customers? Use These 5 Collection Methods

Online Marketing Travel & Tourism Travel Website October 26, 2017

Feedback and reviews are not a new concept and every business is crazy about them even today. According to a review research survey by BrightLocal, an SEO reporting company, 90% customers read approximately 10 reviews online before deciding about a company. The statistic ties feedback and reviews directly to a business’s reputation and in turn sales. So, it makes sense why you, as a tour operator, need to seek tour reviews online for business growth. But, how do you make sure you receive revenue generating reviews for your tours and activities?

Vacation Labs, is your go to tour management software provider and tour website development expert, we have researched multiple tour review collection methods. And, compiled a list of the most effective ones to help with your tour website development and sales.

Be direct. Ask for what you need!

7 of 10 customers are likely to leave reviews when asked.  And, 84% of customers checking out a business trust its product and service reviews. At the time of your tour website development, you might have added reliable information about your tour activities, prices and add-ons. But, personal experiences speak louder. That’s why customer reviews are more reliable information to travellers.

Method #1 – Request for feedback via emails


You will already have customer contacts registered in your client database after a tour. You can send out your requests to these for tour review collection, upon completion. To ensure the efficiency of this method you will need to craft a personalised message to customers. Each one will want to feel their opinions matter. To achieve this try to:

Remember to test your emails so they can be viewed with ease over mobile. 53% of emails are opened on cellular devices. Make the readability of your emails as easy as possible.

Method #2 – Text (SMS) for feedback

77% of customers have a positive perception of companies that send text messages or SMS. But, when requesting for tour reviews and feedback through SMS make sure you pay attention to the character limit. You don’t want your message to be long and boring or short and irrelevant. To save on characters send shortened links of your review platforms. At the same time, make sure you send out texts only during business hours. This will avoid disturbing customers late at night or early in the morning.

Time is key also from a strategic point. A report by Dynmark says that 90% of SMS are read in the first 3 seconds of receiving them, which makes it vital for you to always plan your tour review requests via SMS.

Method #3 – Gather feedback through socials


After an exciting adventure on your tours, travellers are bound to boast about their experiences online. Try asking them to tag you in their social media posts. You can even request for reviews on your facebook tour page. How? Make it a regular practice to search your brand on social media platforms to see what your customers are saying about you.

Use social media monitoring tools to make things easier. In case of good reviews, you can respond to them with an appreciation for booking your tours. Or, maybe even respond with a 10% off coupon code, which they can use on their next tour with you. Promotions like this can be managed efficiently with a good tour management software. In case of bad reviews, you have the chance to work on improving your image with that customer. All you need to do is respond to them in a calm manner.  

Method #4 – Ask for immediate reviews in person

If you aren’t fluent with social media, email or SMS services to request for tour reviews, you can approach them directly after your tour is complete. Ever noticed some restaurants and cafe’s request for reviews on printed forms just after your meal there? You can take this a step further. Have your smartphone, tablet or computer ready for customers to fill in their feedback on TripAdvisor or Google Places or your website.

TripAdvisor and Google Places are review platforms that travellers trust. They are unbiased platforms that let travellers rate and review travel companies based on their experiences. For Google Reviews, you need to list your business on Google Places first. This allows customers to review you at any time, directly through a Google search (Learn more about Google Places through this post). Offering free WiFi for them to do the same via their personal devices, is a good idea. Also, try providing free pictures after every review is complete. Executing this will all depend on where and how your tours end.

Method #5 – Automate your tour review requests


Automate personalised emailers and SMS to collect reviews from every customer once a tour is over so you don’t miss out on anyone. You can use email service providers like MailChimp and bulk SMS service providers like SMSHorizon. Or you could integrate a tour management software into your business during your tour website development. It is helpful in every aspect of your online tour business. Plus, the right one can remove the task of requesting online tour reviews off your hands completely. 

Vacation Labs offers an advanced and effective tour management software. At the same time, it lets you request for tour reviews through automated emails and SMS. With the Vacation Labs tour management software, you have preset email and SMS templates that can be edited and scheduled to send directly. 

Everything your customers say and think about your tours is useful information that needs to be showcased. Make sure you invest in a method that is effective for acquiring tour reviews online and lets you concentrate on your core business as well. If you’d like to know more about customer review collection connect with us today!

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