What Are The Advantages Of A Good Website Name?

Online Marketing Travel Website January 18, 2018

Your tour site’s domain name helps people locate it on the internet. It serves as an address for people and businesses residing online. Website names are easier versions of IP addresses in a way. They are used to communicate to a Domain Name System (DNS) server the IP address someone is looking to reach a particular site.

If we take  www.vacationlabs.com for example, the highlighted section serves as the domain name.

Is a URL the same as a Domain?

Not really. A domain is just the common part of your website URLs. On the other hand, a URL contains more details. It helps you reach specific locations on a website or server.

Why Are Domain Names Important?

1. Domains give you credibility

Companies that do not have their own domain name are usually considered unreliable or irrelevant. You’ve probably thought the same at some point. Try and recollect a time when you ever purchased anything from a website that read something like – www.premiumpants.blogspot.com. Wouldn’t you wonder if it’s a full-blown retail website or just a test? The name doesn’t seem professional right?

2. Change is easy

If you ever want to change your website host (another website building essential) at any point in time, you can take your domain name with you. All your customers will come to the exact same address. They will not need to be informed of changes and they will not need to go through any trouble.

3. It represents your brand

A domain is a great way to brand your business online. Choosing the right kind of brand can grab the attention you need to launch your business online. It also describes the kind of business you are into, as you’ll see.

The domain name for your online business can be pretty much anything you want it to be. But, to ensure it is easy for people to remember and find it online, you need to know the parameters for a bang on travel website name. Click here to see what they are

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