What Is Destination Marketing? How Does It Bag More Bookings

Online Marketing February 15, 2018

If all your marketing efforts have been focussed on promoting your brand through discounts only, it’s time to begin thinking outside the box. This is an expensive route and doesn’t always interest customers.

A different way of promoting your business can be through destination marketing. Think of all the online tour bookings you could receive by collaborating with other businesses to create a better itinerary for travellers, based on your location.

What Is Destination Marketing?

Destination marketing is a promotional activity. It requires you to promote the destination where your tour will take place. The idea is to attract your customers through the unique features of a location to sell them your services. It can be a united effort by multiple businesses in a particular destination looking to benefit from the same customers.

How To Use Destination Marketing

1. Focus on what makes your destination attractive and unique

What makes your destination stand apart from hundreds of other similar sites? Is it full of scenic beauty or perhaps it has a rich history and culture? Why should travellers opt to come to your destination (and by extension, pay for your business), instead of visiting a different town? Create a campaign that crafts a unique experience for your audience by highlighting what is unique and attractive about your destination.

2. Heighten the travel experience

Once they are at your destination, what will keep your visitors engaged and thrilled? You must show them what they can enjoy. Give them a visual experience of the town’s main attractions, theme parks, beaches and even offbeat things they can discover using a responsive travel website. Create packaged deals with other travel businesses in your region like hotels, restaurants and entertainment spots to make it attractive to your visitors.

3. Utilise digital channels effectively to engage your audience

The modern traveller’s experience begins long before he/she is on the actual trip and continues even after the trip is over. By optimising digital communication including social media, emails and paid advertising, you can optimise advertising opportunities, increase engagement and get more online tour bookings. By using design, storytelling and narratives about the local experiences, you can deliver a unique tourism product to potential travellers.

Vacation Labs has been studying trends in destination marketing to better design responsive travel websites that not only optimise your travel business but also maximize your ROI. To learn more about what we do and how we can help your travel business, contact our team today.

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