Avoid Payment Recovery Hassles With Flexi Payment

Product Updates Weekly Update November 18, 2017

When tour prices are high, most travellers find it impossible to make payment in lump sum. So, to give them a shot at their dream tours, you allow partial payments. But, this makes recovery tedious when a group of travellers decide to split the payment

To eliminate this issue we’ve launched Flexi Payment. This feature simplifies payment splits and recovery. It is available on request and can be effectively manoeuvred through the Vacation Labs booking engine. Payment for a single group booking can be easily split between participants in a manner they like, without you needing to intervene much.

1. One shareable payment link

Through Flexi Payment, you send the person (making the group booking) a payment link requesting an advance payment in x days and final instalment in x months (as per your requirement).

He can share this link with his group, so each member can take care of their own payment till the due date. You can send the payment link yourself to each participant via email.

2. Transparency, security & convenience

Those with access to the link can make payment, see who has paid how much and on which dates. You will receive notifications whenever payments are made.

3. Automated reminders

Before sending the payment link, you can schedule email payment reminders to customers. These can be sent every day, or a frequency you prefer, for both the advance and final amount payable.


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