Better way to communicate your tour’s duration

Product Updates Weekly Update November 28, 2016

When you’re displaying the duration of a tour, it might be cumbersome to tell your customers the tour’s duration down till the last hour and minute. Whilst it might be technically true that a tour lasts 9 days and 3 hours- say the tour starts at 9am on the first day and ends at 12 noon on the tenth day – it’s more convenient for both you and the customer to say that the tour lasts “9 nights, 10 days” instead. Here’s how this will look on your website:duration_ad_1

The booking form will communicate the exact start and end-time (i.e. 9 am and 12 noon next day), but it will also advertise the tour as “9 nights, 10 days”. There is always the option of omitting the start/end times and keeping the start/end dates alone, if you need something like that.duration_ad_2

You’ll find the new option in the backoffice, on the Basic Details page of the tour admin. There are four formats you can use for the tour’s duration:

On your storefront and booking form, the tour’s duration will always display as what you set on the Basic Details tab. We will use this duration to calculate the end-time when you open a time-slot. In most cases this will be correct, but on the few occasions you need to adjust it manually the advertised duration will remain unchanged.duration_v4

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