Let customers book your tour online with their favorite Payment Gateway “Remita”

Product Updates September 3, 2018

With Vacation Lab’s increasing brand recognition in African countries, we wanted to offer the full bouquet of payment services to our customers in Nigeria. Remita is a Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) licensed e-payment platform that helps organizations and Individuals receive and make payments easily.

Remita payment gateway is an e-payment module that delivers payment instructions to accounts in any commercial bank, a microfinance bank, primary mortgage institution or digital wallet. This multi-channel funds collection platform is handy for all types of biller organizations. Remita is a robust payment gateway that enables merchants to receive payments on their website via multiple methods such as Verve cards, MasterCard, Visa, Mobile Money, Internet Banking, Bank Branches etc.

Setting Up Remita Payment Gateway for Tour and Travel Websites

It can be easily integrated with your Vacation Lab’s account of your store. To activate your account, go to the Remita platform and register your business. Once done, open your Remita account and copy the

  1. Merchant Id
  2. Service Type Id
  3. API Key

that will be needed to integrate Remita with your Vacation Lab’s account.


On the backend of the Vacation Labs system, check into Settings and click Payment processors. Now pick Remita from the list, enter the relevant details, and voila! You are set to activate Hesabe for the platform.

Vacation Lab’s Supports Remita payment system and many other payment gateways which you require. You can check for all supported payment gateways supported by clicking here.

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