Product Updates: Payment processors & short address

Product Updates Weekly Update October 31, 2016

We’ve completely rebuilt our interface for setting up your payment processors. The new design is intended to make organizing payment processors a more convenient and user-friendly experience.


We’ve also made a few quality-of-life improvements.

In some locations, payment processors require a different merchant account for each currency. To accommodate our clients in these areas, you can now add the same payment processor multiple times with different settings.

Additionally, you can now set which processors are available for which currency, or display a processor even when a currency conversion will be required. For these cases you can also set a flat-rate or percentage markup for each currency conversion through that processor.


There’s also an improved preview of the processors available for each tour:


We’ve Added Three New Payment Processors:

We’ve expanded our list of payment processors, so you can offer your customers an even better booking experience. Indian tour operators  now have the opportunity to collect payments through RazorPay or ICICI Bank, and operators in the United Arab Emirates now have the option of using PayFort.


Our Customer Checkout Has New Payment Screens

At Vacation Labs we’re always striving to improve the experience of our clients and their customers. That’s why we’re proud to announce an improved UI for the customer checkout.


You can now  give additional instructions for each payment processor. This field can also be used to remind customers the name under which the charge will appear in their card statement, in case your merchant identity is different from your brand name. As a final touch, the customer checkout now displays the final sale value and currency including all markups, so the value shown won’t differ on the payment processor’s page.

Payment step with additional messaging

The new “Short address”

We now offer the ability to display a “short address” for your tour. This can be a general location that travellers will find useful. For example, “North Goa” or “South Goa” is a better guide than “Bardez” or “Tiswadi”. Similarly, tourists in France might find “Paris” more helpful than “Place Charles De Gaulle”.


This “short address” will show up in various places throughout the storefront. The detailed street address will show up only on the tour details page.


Driving details will only be sent to the customer via email after the booking has been confirmed. Here you can see an example of the booking email, with the new short address, detailed street address, and the driving directions:


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