Product Updates: Add Carousels To Your Tour Websites

Product Updates Weekly Update November 13, 2016

In the past, our customers have been able to add only a single banner to pages on their tour website. We’ve made a few changes, and now the Home page, About page, Contact page, and any other static pages can have multiple banner slides in the form of a carousel. (Tour pages always had the option of a picture gallery – so nothing changes there.) Even better, we’ve given you several adaptive slide templates that will automatically update whenever you change your product content. This will make sure that the content on your slide is always up-to-date.

You can add banner slides to a page by going to Website > Pages > (Pick any page) > Banner slides. Here’s what it looks like:
bannercreation_v2On your website, each banner will be shown for 12 seconds before the carousel moves along. End-customers can use the arrow buttons and the navigation dots to move through the slides at will, so there’s no concerns about missing anything.

banner_v3For promoting a specific tour, we’ve provided you with the tour slides. Any changes you make to the tour – location, price, or anything else – are automatically updated on the banner, so you never need to worry about it being inaccurate.
toursUse the collection slide to promote your tour collections. As always, this will update automatically to keep all the information on the banner accurate.


For coupons and promotions, there’s the promotion slide:


And if you want to show anything not covered here, the custom slide is a simple layout you can use to create a banner displaying whatever you want:custom

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