Product Updates: Reordering Payment Processors and Improved Checkout Pages

Product Updates Weekly Update November 7, 2016

You can now reorder payment options

As part of our continued improvements to the payment settings, we’ve added the ability to change the order that payment options are displayed to the customer.

Why might you want to do this?

There’s a term in psychology called the default effect – when presented with a list of options, a person with no preference is significantly more likely to select the first one. If you, as a tour operator, have a preferred payment option, listing it first dramatically increases the likelihood your customers will use it.


We’ve improved the checkout page for partial payments

We noticed that for customers paying partially for a booking, the checkout page wasn’t entirely clear about: (a) the total booking amount, (b) how much was already paid, and (c) how much left to pay – so we fixed it. The new checkout page shows a clean breakdown of what’s been paid so far, how it was paid, and how much is remaining.


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