August 2018

Release Notes September 15, 2018

Beta launch – Better inquiry forms

Inquiry Form(Desktop View) 

Inquiry Form(Mobile View) 

We’ve just launched a snazzy new inquiry form in limited access. If this feature is enabled for your account (contact our support team if you’d like to get early access), tours in inquiry mode will use this single-step form instead of the current multi-step one.

This is just the starting point of something new that we’re building. In the coming months, we’ll continue adding more features related to better inquiry management.

Iyzico Payment Gateway for Turkey

Vacation Labs Booking Engine is now integrated with Iyzico, which is a popular payment processor in Turkey.

Read more about it here

Editing participants in a booking

We’ve spruced up the UI for managing participants in a booking, especially when a tour requires participant-level forms/fields to be filled. (The UI to manage participants for bookings without participant-level fields remains the same).

“Quality of life” improvements

You can now filter bookings by channel (Back Office, Website, Agent etc).

You can now filter tours on the basis of two new statuses – “incomplete” and “unlisted”. An “incomplete” tour is where you haven’t entered all the basic content, dates, rates, and settings field. This new filter/status should allow you to quickly get back to tours that are “work in progress”.

You can now add a tour to a collection (or multiple collections) while creating / editing it. Earlier, the only way to add a tour to a collection was by editing a collection.

Addons for tours can now be edited directly. Earlier you had to delete the addon and create a new-one if you wanted to edit the name or description.

Storefront design improvements & bugfixes

Trip cards on the homepage for “Default + Description” style showed just 3 lines. Now the number of lines can now be controlled via CSS.

Tour cards were using the incorrect image when the tour’s banner was configured to be a video. This has now been fixed and tour-cards use the image/thumbnail of the video instead.
Tour banner images were not displaying the custom-availability string “Available on request” when set. This has now been fixed.
The calendar icon on banner slides was not aligned correctly when the trip was “available on request”. This now has been fixed.
On the tour page, clicking a section-title in the page-level navigation, was scrolling the page to slightly below the section heading, causing the heading to not be visible. This has been fixed – the section, along with the heading, is visible now.

The reCAPTCHA widget on contact forms was misaligned on mobile browsers. This has been fixed.
Tour banner images were not displaying the custom-availability string when set. This has now been fixed.

Other bug-fixes and minor improvements

Deleted/inactive/unlisted tours were incorrectly showing up in search results on the storefront. This has been fixed.
Custom-fields of type “phone number” and “number” were not showing up in the sales report and passenger report. This has been fixed.
Date-based collections were incorrectly showing the overall advertised price of the tour, instead of the advertised price of the specific time-slot/departure. This has been fixed.
As part of our ongoing effort to make our storefront (website and booking engine) ready for internationalization (multiple languages), the following have been fixed:

  • Some content on the hotel booking engine was not translatable via the localization module. This has been fixed.
  • All occurrences of dates & times on the storefront now respect the localization settings of the language selected. This means that names of months, names of days-of-week, etc. show up in the selected language/locale.
  • All predefined content in various customer-facing emails & SMS (like confirmation emails & SMS, pre-trip / post-trip email & SMS, etc) can now be translated via the localisation module.
While editing a booking in the backoffice, a bug related to editing of addons has been fixed
A bug which prevented tours from being deleted has been fixed.
A bug related to cloning trips with inactive/deleted variants has now been fixed.
Booking confirmation emails were not being sent for bookings made by agents. This has been fixed, and all affected confirmation emails were re-sent within 24 hours.


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