January 2019

Release Notes February 3, 2019

Customise your inquiry forms – Beta Launch

We had released a beta version of our spiffy new inquiry form back in August 2018. It has led to an increase in lead-generation for many tour-operators on our platform. This is primarily because it is a single-step form, which takes a few seconds for end-customers to complete.

n our first release, the fields in this form were fixed and could not be changed. We now have the ability to add or remove fields from the inquiry form – in case you want to make the form even shorter, or want to collect a few extra important fields (although we don’t recommend long inquiry forms!)

Since this feature is still in a beta phase, we don’t have a user-interface which allows you to make these changes yourself, but you can drop an email to support@vacationlabs.com and we’ll make the changes on your behalf.

inquiry form

Made reporting errors easier for users

We hate errors and bugs as much as you do, but every now and then some of them slip through the cracks and show-up right when you are in the middle of doing something.

For such instances, we’ve made it easier for you to report errors by showing a unique “error ID” with every unhandled errors that our system throws up. Whenever you encounter such a situation, the error message should include a “Chat now” link which will automatically pass on this “error ID” to us. This helps us search our internal logs, and eventually solve the problem, faster.


Quality-of-life improvements


You can now filter payment reports by departure start-date, departure end-date, total passengers, total booking amount, and total payment amount.

We now detect the case where the linked Google Account does not have a Google Analytics at all (this used to throw an error earlier).

Google Integration

Other bug-fixes and minor improvements

As part of our ongoing effort towards better internalization, the following have been fixed and improved to make your platform experience much more easier and enjoyable:

Post booking/pax emails were showing incorrect title. This has been rectified.
Better error handling while preparing the i18n sheet, when a json field had a null value

There were multiple reports of payment failures via Razorpay Payment Gateway. We have fixed a bug which was causing these payment failures.

Fixed an issue where the Menu was going below the taskbar – need to pull down / up depending on the position


Fixed an issue where the photo gallery button gets overlapped with the menu when header items are more

Set an option to set focus point while uploading/changing banner image with a preview. layout

Fixed an issue were incorrect data was being shown on Advance Search Filter.

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