May 2018

Release Notes September 1, 2018

SEO Boost with Schema Markup

We have now added Schema markup for all tour-operator websites powered by Vacation Labs. Schema markup improves the way your page displays in SERPs (Search Engine Results Page) by enhancing the rich snippets that are displayed beneath the page title.

Enhanced Tour Gallery




We have added now the ability to add a video to the photo gallery and enhanced the gallery of a tour. Add images and videos to showcase your tour to people who are looking for what you offer, this will attract more visitors to your site.

“Accept” Payment Gateway for Eygpt

Vacation Labs Booking Engine is now integrated with “Accept”, which is a popular payment processor in Eygpt and Jordan.

Read more about it here

Major improvements & bugfixes

Now you have the availability to reorder footer menus.

You will no longer see the Photo Gallery button when the trip has only one image.
Fixed issue where the autoplay feature for videos was not working unless it is muted for Chrome Update version (66.0.3359.139).
The contact form wasn’t working unless reCaptcha was enabled. This has been fixed – the contact form now works as expected, with or without reCaptcha.

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