October 2020

Release Notes November 4, 2020

New Payment Gateway Integration

valU Installments: Another addition to the list of payment gateways integrated with Vacation Labs. valU is an Egypt based payment gateway company which also provides the option of installment plans and includes no down payment. Checkout there website https://www.valu.com.eg/home for more details about their pricing plans and the currencies they support.

To know more about adding/enabling payment gateways, check out the support articles in our Help Center.

Integrate your payment processor

Other bug-fixes and minor improvements

As always we strive to make your experience better and easier on our platform. Here are a few updates and improvements deployed in the month of October:

The Auto generated title in the Website Navigation “More Links” has now been added under Localisation > Storefront and Booking Flows. Our users will now be able to rename or rephrase it as per their choice.

Post booking forms were not being triggered even after the set conditions were met. This issue has now been fixed and verified.

To know more about setting up and managing Post-Booking Forms, check out the support articles in our Help Center.

Post Booking Forms

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